Review: Logitech Harmony 300i

Published: October 5, 2010 11:00 PM
By Régis Jehl
Translated by: Jack Sims
The entry-level model, this universal Logitech Harmony 300i remote aims to be simple and intuitive. We tested it and our experience over the first few minutes made us think that we might agree with this description...

Handling: excellent quality

Cheap doesn't necessarily mean you're getting a bad product and this is borne out with the Harmony 300i, which is solid and sits well in the hand. The various buttons fall easily under your thumb and they are of just as good quality as the brand's higher end models.

For this "budget" remote, Logitech has decided to do away with the control screen. Instead you get four buttons that allow you to select your device and control it. Although you can't modify what these buttons are called you can set them up according to your requirements. You can, for example, control your media centre by pressing the "Cable/Sat" button.
Note that you can set the volume controls to a specific device. For example, when you're using the remote with your Blu-ray player, the Vol+/Vol- buttons can still be set to your audio amp. Very practical.

Power comes from two standard AA batteries. No standard rechargeable set up then but you can use rechargeable batteries if you want.

Simplified settings

You need a computer (Windows or MacOS) to set the remote up. The software is different to that that comes with the other Harmony remotes. Simpler, it is accessible even to newbies. Of course, if you can't use a computer, you're not going to be able to use this either.

Thus, although the Logitech Harmony 300i is easy to use, a minimum of knowledge of your audiovisual equipment and a computer (installation and manipulation of software) are required. It is nevertheless easier than the other Harmony remotes.
3/5 Logitech Harmony 300i DigitalVersus 2010-10-06 00:00:00


  • Set up: automatic (large database) or manual
  • Simplified configuration compared to other Harmony remotes
  • Solid and well made


  • Keys not backlit
  • A single configurable activity
  • Non rechargeable as standard
  • Computer required to configure it
  • No screen


This is an excellent universal remote for those who simply want to replace a remote that isn't working or exchange four other remotes for a single one. Don't pay attention to our rating which is established according to overall criteria (screen, RF compatibility etc). Here, what you're getting is an excellent value-for-money product with some interesting features.