Published on November 10, 2010 7:55 AM

Panel Switching: Sony 32EX713 and 40EXEX713 TVs: MVA or PVA?

Update 29/11/2010: we've now tested the 32EX713 and its new MVA panel!

Since we tested the Sony Bravia 40EX713 TV (which got five stars ...), several of you have complained about the quality of the picture produced by the same TV in 32'' and 46'' versions.  We looked into the problem, and it turns out that the EX713 comes with a different display depending on the size of the TV you buy: Sony-Samsung makes PVA panels for the 40'' and 55'' models, while the 32'' and 46'' models have MVA

Sony Bravia KDL-32EX710
AUO Panel: T315HW07
Sony Bravia KDL-46EX710
AUO Panel: T460HW04

Sony's Bravia EX713 range of TVs is a remplacement for the Bravia EX703 range, which had panels from Sharp.  The new TVs should have had a Sony-Samsung panel in all four sizes—32'', 40'', 46'' and 55''—or maybe that was too much to ask.  It seems it was, as some of our readers who've bought a 32EX713 or a 46EX713 have found MVA panels from AU Optronics.  In general, this technology is less good at reproducing colours accurately, has lower contrast, narrower viewing angles, and above all, more light leaking, leading to clouding.

While we're waiting to test the two different versions, we'll be removing our reviews of the 32EX713 and 46EX713 ...

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