Published on January 12, 2011 6:18 PM

Control Your PS3 Slim With A Standard Remote, Without An Adaptor

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Several readers had written in to tell us that you can control your PS3 Slim with your TV remote if it is CEC compatible. We tested to see and it works!

Firstly, what is the CEC? It's a protocol, part of the HDMI standard, which allows you to get various different compatible devices to communicate between each other. The TV remote can, for example, be used to control a Blu-ray player if both are CEC compatible.

You can control your PS3 with a standard remote!

As some readers had written in to tell us, the Sony PS3 Slim is CEC compatible. We tested it with our old TV, an LG 37LC3R HD-Ready. We entered the Sony code for the brand's DVD players and hey presto! we were able to control our PlayStation 3 Slim with the LG remote, to watch, for example, Blu-rays.

The way it works isn't too hard to understand. When you press on a button on the remote, the TV receives the information. Next it sends this to the PS3 via the HDMI cable. Very effective!

Conclusion: no point buying a PS3 adaptor

So then, if you do have a universal remote, all you have to do is learn the various manual commands on it. This means you won't have to get yourself an IR / Bluetooth converter such as the Logitech PS3 Adaptor (for Harmony remotes) or the One for All SmartControl PS3.

Note however, only the PS Slim is CEC compatible. Your old generation PS3 (Fat) won't be.

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