Published on January 24, 2012 10:28 AM

UPDATE: CES 2012: Samsung Presents 2012 LED TV Range

UPDATE 24/01/2012: to help clarify things, we've added a table presenting Samsung's 2012 TV range to this article. We've also corrected a small error, as the ES range starts with the 5500 and not the 7000 as previously stated. The range is therefore as follows: EH4000, EH4500, EH5000, EH5300, ES5500, ES6100, ES6710, ES7000 and ES8000.

We managed to check out Samsung's 2012 LED TV range on the firm's stand at the CES 2012 consumer technology show. The range comprises nine models—the EH4000, EH4500, EH5000, EH5300, EH5500, EH6100, EH6710, ES7000 and ES8000.

tv samsung ces 2012 es8000

Samsung 2012 LED TV Range

  Backlighting Resolution Frequency/
Actual Frequency
3D Smart TV Wi-Fi Screen Sizes
EH4000 Edge LED HD 50 Hz No No No 26" 32"
EH4500 Edge LED HD 50 Hz No Yes No 26"
Edge LED Full HD 50 Hz No Yes No 32" 40" 46"
Edge LED Full HD 50 Hz No Yes Ready
32" 40" 46"
Edge LED Full HD 100 Hz Yes Yes Ready
32" 37" 40" 46"
Edge LED Full HD 100 Hz Yes Yes Built-in 32" 40" 46" 55"
Edge LED
Full HD 400 Hz / NA Yes Yes Built-in 32" 40" 46"
Edge LED
Full HD 800 Hz / 200 Hz Yes Yes Built-in 40"  46"  55"
Edge LED
Ultimate Micro-Dimming
Full HD 800 Hz / 200 Hz Yes Yes Built-in 40" 46" 55"

EH Series

At entry-level, Samsung's 2012 LED TV range starts with the EH4000. This is a pretty basic model with a high-def screen (1366 x 768 pixels) and a 'colour enhancement' function. Next up comes the EH4500, which is basically the same model but with added connected services (Samsung's Smart TV portal).

Full HD resolution kicks in with the EH5000, which otherwise has the same specs and functions as its two lower-end counterparts. The EH5300 is Wi-Fi Ready for connection to the Internet using a USB Wi-Fi dongle, available as an optional extra. Then, the EH5500 adds a 100 Hz mode to all those functions.

All models in the EH range have a super-slim casing thanks to Edge LED backlighting. The screen bezel is slim too, at just 12 mm.

ES Series

The first ES-series model, the ES5500, adds a 100 Hz mode to all the tech specs of the EH models.

Active shutter 3D is present as from the ES6100 (Full HD 3D unlike 2011's 6000 series), which also has built-in Wi-Fi. On top of all that, the ES6710 has backlight micro dimming, a 400 Hz mode and three HD TV tuners.

Voice and motion controls in the Samsung ES7000 and ES8000

Samsung's two highest-end 2012 LED TVs are the ES7000 and ES8000. Both models are compatible with active shutter 3D and have 800 Hz motion interpolation modes (native frequency 200 Hz). The only difference between the two models is that the ES7000 uses standard micro dimming technology whereas the ES8000 uses 'Ultimate' micro dimming for dynamic backlighting that's twice as precise.

Both these models are equipped with Samsung's new voice and motion control system. We tried out these functions on Samsung's stand and, a few errors aside (the TV we tested wasn't the final version, however) the voice controls were more advanced than those seen in LG TVs.
You can therefore effectively turn the TV on and off, control the volume, change channels, open the Smart TV portal and more without ever having to press a button. You'll soon be able to launch apps in the same way too.

To launch the motion control system you simply have to wave hello to the TV. A pointer then appears onscreen, which you can move around using your hand, then you confirm choices by clenching your fist. You can then change channels, adjust the volume and launch applications from the Smart TV menu.

The screen bezel is even slimmer in these models too, at just 5 mm.

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