We have now divided our TV tests into several categories based on diagonal size. Here we look at 29 inch (74 cm) models and smaller. The size and technical characteristics often mean they are limited to small rooms or occasional use.

By Pierre-Jean Alzieu
This is an archive page, the content is no longer up to date.
29 inches... 74 cm... A diagonal size that can now be called "small". 

And with good reason as we find computer monitors with 30 inch displays!

So are TVs that are less than 29 inches on the endangered list?

Of course not, because they are intended for small areas where the size or configuration of the room isn't suited for a bigger TV. 

It's also a product well adapted for occasional use in watching various TV programs which don't require an elaborated home cinema system.

No Full HD in this category: either way, it would be useless

In this category, we find all types of models from 11 to 29 inches and the display surface can be four times the smallest size; however, we practically find no TVs under 22 inches and those that do exist have standard definition (SD). 

Above this it's HD-Ready (at least 720 lines) which dominates.

Of course, Full HD (1920 x 1080 points) would be of little interest on such a small diagonal size as the gain in resolution would be barely noticeable. 

We therefore do not find any Full HD product in this category (which however isn't the case for computer screens of identical size).

All of these models except one (the Sony XEL-1 and first OLED TV: 11''and 2000 Euros !) have one point in common: they generally have entry level technology devoid of video processing and the connectivity which we find in the high end.

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