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Pierre-Jean Alzieu Published on May 6, 2013
Translated by Hugh Ehreth
Rémi Jacquet
Lab work
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  • Screen size 46 inches
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • HD compatibility (1080i/720p) Yes / Yes
  • HD Ready certification Yes
  • Brightness NA
  • Contrast ratio NA


For the past several weeks, Boulanger Aubervilliers has been letting us run TV tests in their store, and we would like to thank them for their help. This time we tested the Samsung F6650 series, specifically the UE46F6650, a copycat of the F6670. All that's different is the stand—the bezel, picture quality, features and accessories are all the same.

Samsung F6650 - testing

In Samsung's 2013 product line-up the F6000 series is lower in market than the 7000 and 8000 series. All the same, it comes with nearly all of the features included in the company's higher-end catalogue. It has connected services (HbbTV, Smart TV), S Recommendation, voice control, 3D (two pairs of 3D glasses included) and 600 Hz motion interpolation (native panel frequency unknown). The Edge LED lighting uses standard micro-dimming.

Please note: We tested the 46-inch F6650 (Samsung UE46F6650). However, everything about it other than the stand is identical to the F6670. The F6670 comes in three sizes: 40" (UE40F6670 for £929), 46" (UE46F6670 for £1,149) and 55" (UE55F6670 for £1,579).

Samsung F6650 - panel

To see what panel technology Samsung has going on here, we photographed the screen in macro mode to see how the subpixels are shaped. The picture above leaves no doubt. This is a Samsung-made S-PVA panel, the same type the company used in last year's ES6300 (UE40ES6300) and ES7000 series (UE40ES7000).

Samsung F6650 - delta e
Colours in Movie mode: average Delta E = 2.3
Samsung F6650 - contrast
Contrast: 3,200:1

In Movie mode and using our recommended settings (see inset below) we obtained a very balanced picture with high contrast (3,200:1), faithful colours (Delta E = 2.3, where 3 and below is considered perfectly faithful) and good grey shading (gamma = 2.1, colour temperature = 6,830 kelvins).

The viewing angles, however, are a little narrow. When looking at the screen from a 45-degree angle, the screen gets 40% brighter on average, earning it 2.2 out of 5 stars in our rating system. This is far from what a plasma TV can offer, but it's better than most LCDs out right now.

The S-PVA panel has above-average response times. At 11 ms, there's very little ghosting. Better yet, not only does the motion interpolation get rid of the choppy image without creating any artefacts or "soap opera effect", but it reduces the discrepancy between ghost images, thereby making what little ghosting there is that much less noticeable.


There was too much ambient light in the store for us to photograph the screen and bring out the clouding, so instead we took measurements on the black. And predictably, the lone LED bar at the bottom edge of the panel does not provide consistent black across the screen. We measured a 50% variation in a horizontal box in the lower-middle area of the screen, which will be noticeable in a room with no lights on.

3D 4/5

Samsung F6650 3D crosstalk

As usual, Samsung used active 3D technology here. Unlike passive 3D, which halves the screen's native resolution, active 3D is capable of producing a three-dimensional image while conserving the original definition.

Two pairs of 3D glasses come in the box, and additional pairs are sold separately for £14 each, so they won't be a huge added expense for large families.

F6650 3D TV L P
 In a perfect 3D image, you wouldn't see any overlapping L's and R's

The 3D rendering is good. You do see a certain amount of crosstalk (crosstalk is when you see two overlapping 2D images instead of one perfectly 3D image), in scenes with particularly high contrast. For example, we noticed some in Monsters vs. Aliens, one of the movies we usually use to test. But the rest of the time this imperfection is practically imperceptible. That said, some TVs, such as the Panasonic TX-P50ST60, have less crosstalk than this. The F6650/6670 series falls just short of five stars for 3D Image Quality.


The F6650 and F6670 are good-looking TVs, a welcome addition to any living room. The bezel is ultra thin (5 mm), held on a four-foot metal stand on the F6650 and a rectangular metal stand on the F6670.

Samsung used a glossy screen that's been treated to counter reflections, but not enough to get rid of all of them. Watch where you put your lights, because a lamp anywhere in front of the screen will cause glare!
Samsung F6650 - Smart TV

The F6650 and F6670 have all the range of connected services Samsung usually includes in its TVs. The new 2013 interface contains five pages, one each for social networks, apps, VOD, storing and accessing films and shows saved on the media player, and programmes (S Recommendation will suggest shows and movies based on your tastes).

The interface might look big and complicated, but it isn't! Navigating through it is enjoyable and perfectly fluid. Samsung's Smart TV system is the best one on the market, hands down!

The media player supports a wide range video containers (AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, MTS and M2TS) and codecs (AVC-HD, H.264, X.264, WMV, DivX and Xvid). The only thing that sometimes poses problems is subtitles and chapters.

Samsung F6650 remote

Samsung has given its remote controls a make-over. The first remote looks rather standard and isn't backlit, but we like how short it is; it fits comfortably in your hand.

The second remote is a somewhat minimalist touch remote with a microphone and very few shortcuts (there are 16 buttons total, which includes the volume, channel, power, Smart TV menu...). The touchpad is in the middle of the remote, and you use it to move the pointer through the interface and select your choices. This new model is more precise and responsive than the previous ones. Tons of fun! In voice control mode, all you do is grab the remote, say "films with Samuel L. Jackson" and it gives you a list of films currently available and upcoming releases. It offers to record the movies, and all you need is a USB key or hard drive plugged in and you're good to go.


Quality sound is not something TVs usually excel at; if you really want to be immersed in a film, you'll have to buy a separate home cinema system. Based on other recent reviews we've done of Samsung TVs similar to the F6650 and F6670, this one should reproduce the vocal range well, which is fine for watching the news or reality TV, but for a real cinema experience, you'll want more than just the built-in speakers.


Like most LED TVs, the F6650 and F6670 are low power consumers. On standby we picked up less than 1 W and when turned on we read 87 W, which comes to 149 W/m².
Our Recommended Settings

After trying out the different modes and settings in the menu, we like Movie mode the best. Then we switched the colour temperature to Warm 1. If you prefer ultra-fluid images, then put Motion Plus on standard, which will remove any choppiness without degrading the image.

Our readings, with the above settings:

Contrast: 3,200:1
Black: 0.06 cd/m²
Gamma: 4.3 / 5
Delta E: 2.3
Average discrepancy across display: 12%
Viewing angles: 2.4 / 5
Power use: 87 W
Media player: 3.8 / 5

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  • Good picture (2D & 3D)
  • Faithful colours (Delta E = 2.3)
  • Good contrast (3,200:1)
  • Good motion interpolation, doesn't degrade image
  • Two remote controls, including one touch control
  • Media player supports a wide range of file formats


  • Potential clouding
  • Narrow viewing angles
  • Glossy screen causes reflections


The mid-range Samsung F6650 has features you'd usually only find on a high-end TV. The only thing conceivably missing is motion control. Samsung has great connected services that are a notch above the competition. The F6650 has a balanced image, high contrast and good 3D. We would have given it five stars if it weren't for the high risk of clouding.
4 Samsung UE46F6650 DigitalVersus 2013-05-06 13:12:00
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