Published on February 6, 2013 12:53 PM

Samsung 2013 LCD TV Range At A Glance

An overview of series 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 TVs

Samsung presented its highest-end 2013 TVs at the CES trade fair in January, where we learned that this year's TVs will all have an "F" in their name, following on from "ES" in 2012, "D" in 2011 and "C" before that. But the Samsung's full TV range has recently been on show in Monaco, with the entire series 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 line-up on display. The core of this year's Samsung TV range is likely to be the 5 and 6 series, even if the firm is clearly more keen to plug its top-of-the-range 7- and 8-series models.

Samsung tv 2013

While many consumers may be looking for TVs with reduced clouding and higher contrast ratios, Samsung—like many other manufacturers—doesn't seem to have addressed those two issues this year. The key selling points in these TVs are Samsung's new functions:
  • "All Share": offers mirror modes between the TV, mobile phones and tablets.
Like in Philips TVs, Miracast Wi-Fi will be present in almost all Samsung's new models (from series 5 upwards), accompanied with a Samsung interface allowing Android and iOS tablets and smartphones to send or receive streamed images to or from the TV. You can therefore start watching a film on the TV and finish watching it on your tablet ... so long as you stay within the TV's Wi-Fi range.
  • "S-Recommendation": the TV suggests programmes you might like.
Like All Share, S-Recommendation has arrived in all Samsung's Smart TVs, from series 5 upwards. In its automatic mode, S-Recommendation suggests programmes you may like based on your previous viewing habits, including types of show and times of day (like cartoons in the morning, films in the evening, etc.). In voice-control mode, you can ask the TV to show you all movies staring Brad Pitt (the remote has a built-in microphone). It'll then show you all the relevant films either playing now or scheduled and offer to record them for you!

These new TVs will roll out between the end of April and the end of May 2013. Prices will obviously be up on last year's models but should drop a little as 2012 TVs start to disappear from the market.

Let's take a look at the full range.

A couple of 32" models for good measure

Anyone looking for a small TV will only have a couple of models to choose from. First up, there's the UE32F4500, which offers no web-connected services and has an LED LCD screen with a fairly chunky white bezel. The stand is discreet with two little feet poking out from underneath. A second model, the UE32F6800, will also be available in some markets.

Series 5: F5500 has a good set of functions but beware of the contrast!

Telecommande samsung 2013
The are two models in series 5:

— F5000: available in 39", 42",  46" and 50".
— F5500: available in 39" 42", 46" and 50" with All Share and S-Recommendation, plus 200 Hz CMR.

Note that not all screen sizes will be available in all regions.

Hmm ... 42" ... that's a screen size often associated with LG's IPS panels! However, Samsung wouldn't comment about the type of screen panel technology used in these particular models. The firm just half-heartedly recognised that this screen size was chosen in order to propose a lower-cost option.

So if the 42" model uses an IPS panel, is the 46" model, for example, really likely to have a different kind of panel, with different viewing angles, colour reproduction, response times and contrast (often very low with IPS)? We'll see.

From the F5500 upwards, Samsung includes a second remote with a touchpad for easy web browsing and a microphone for voice controls (e.g. S Recommendation).

Series 6: F6400 for a decent 55" TV, F6500 for a slimmer design

There are six ranges within Samsung's series 6. Note, however, that not all models will make it to all markets.

— F6100: 3D, no Smart TV connected services (no All Share or S-Recommendation), available in 40", 46" and 60".
— F6200: no 3D but does have Smart TV connected services and a sleek metal finish. Sizes TBC.
— F6400: 3D and Smart TV connected services. Announced with 200 Hz CMR. Available in 40" 46", 55" and 75".
— F6500: available in 40", 46", 55". Black finish and a slimmer screen bezel than the F6400. Announced with 400 Hz CMR. The F6500 is effectively a descendant of last year's ES6710.
— F6510: available in 40", 46", 55". White finish and a slimmer screen bezel than the F6400. 400 Hz CMR.
— F6800: the highest-end 6-series model and descendant of the ES6900. Sizes TBC.

Series 7 and 8: twin TV tuner, less clouding

Samsung hasn't said anything about clouding in its TVs, so we'll have to rely on our own experience here. From what we've seen, the higher you move up the range—and particularly with these pricey 7- and 8-series TV—the less likely you are to come across strong clouding.

Compared with Samsung's series 6 models, these TVs get a retractable webcam and a new stand. The cross-shaped stand is therefore no longer a feature of the firm's top-end TVs! The "Crystal Gloss" transparent plastic bezel edging has gone too, staying only on entry-level and mid-range TVs. In fact, it gets thinner as you move up the range before finally disappearing in the 7 and 8 series.

— F7000: available in 46", 55" and more to come.
— F8000: available in 46", 55", 60", 65", 75" and more to come.
— F8500: available in 55" and more to come.

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