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Vincent Lheur Published on November 25, 2009
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  • Screen size 37 inches
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • HD compatibility (1080i/720p) Yes
  • HD Ready certification Yes
  • Brightness NC
  • Contrast ratio 20000 :1
Although Panasonic is best-known for its plasma TVs, it also produces models that use LCD technology like this Viera TX-L37G15, a 1080p Full HD TV with a HD tuner and DivX compatible multimedia player. 

While we're testing it, it's also worth pointing out that Panasonic's different ranges of televisions sometimes share similar names.  For instance, the G15, whose LCD version we're looking at today, is also available with a plasma screen.  It's important to look at the first letter of the model number, before the diagonal size: 'L' models have LCD displays while the 'P' versions use plasma.

Build quality and design

The G15 brand suggests that we can expect a certain level of hardware and attention to detail.  Its LCD version has the same specs as its plasma cousin in many areas: four HDMI ports, a multimedia player based on SD cards--which can only handle standard definition DivX content and files from camcorders--as well as a network port for accessing online services.  Also on the menu are a useful remote control (although its buttons aren't backlit) and a clear, simple set of onscreen menus.

The main strength of the LCD version is the matte finish on the front of the screen, which virtually eliminates reflections.

Using the G15 with a computer works perfectly, with an excellent input lag kept down at 20 ms, which is great news for gamers.

The only other interesting thing to point out is that the LCD version of the G15 is currently only available as a 37'' model.

Image Quality

The L37G15 has excellent colours.
When we started watching the G15, we found some fairly classic results for Panasonic hardware: pretty average blacks (0.25 cd/m²), but wide viewing angles.  Of course, the contrast also suffers from the mediocre blacks, and we measured it at 836:1.  Unfortunately, there's no way to adjust the backlighting on the L37G15.  It is slightly different in different modes, but that also entails modifications to other settings, including the gamma curve.  We weren't impressed by CInema mode, and the only way to get a decent result that looks like the video source is to turn the 'sharpness' setting down to zero.

The image that this produces is very attractive, with perfectly natural colours, lots of detail and, above all, very fluid movements thanks to the IFC system.  That said, we still advise you turn it down to 'medium' to avoid problems.  There's practically no ghosting.

Overall, we were most disappointed by the relatively bright blacks and the average contrast that they contributed to.  It's a big problem if you plan to watch movies in a darkened room, producing a display that looks grey rather than truly black.  If you leave a small lamp somewhere in the room, though, it will be better.  Everything else about this LCD version of the G15 is excellent though.

Audio Quality

The sound produced by the speakers is nice and loud and easily fills the room.  It is, however, a little muffled, but will be fine for less demanding listeners.  Anybody else will want to install a real set of Home Cinema speakers--as is the case with the vast majority of TVs currently available.

Energy Consumption

Avec 0,1 W en veille et 101 W en fonctionnement, le L37G15 se place dans la bonne moyenne des LCD. Il ne coûtera pas très cher à l'usage.
Our Readings
Black levels: 0.25 cd/m²
ANSI contrast: 836:1
Average gamma: 2.2
DeltaE on PC: 2.6
Relative energy consumption: 268 W/m²
Homogeneity of whites: 3.2/5
Light leak onto dark greys at 45°: 0.07 cd/m²
DeltaE at 45°:2.9
Multimedia player:1.7/5

We take these measurements using the best settings for watching a film. Cinema mode is generally the one we use. Wherever possible, we set the white levels at 200 cd/m².
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  • Excellent colours
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Very little ghosting


  • Black lacks depth leading to weak contrast
  • Only available in 37''


The L37G15 is a good television, but it might not take off as it's only available in a single size, 37''.
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