Published on December 28, 2012 3:15 PM

Panasonic Halts Plasma R&D

Days could be numbered for plasma technology!

Panasonic is reportedly due to halt R&D activities for its plasma TVs to concentrate on developing OLED technology.

After clocking up record losses over the last two years, Panasonic could be seeking to limit any future damage by halting R&D on plasma technology in March 2013. The manufacturer should still carry on selling plasma TVs for a while yet, but this kind of technology clearly has its days numbered. In fact, plasmas could be phased out for good in 2014 to make way for upcoming OLED technology, which boasts all the benefits of plasma and LCD (infinite contrast, wide viewing angles, good response times, etc.) without the drawbacks.

We'll no doubt have to wait until the CES 2013 tech show in two weeks' time for an official response from Panasonic. We'll keep you updated on the matter as soon as we hear more.

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