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Pierre-Jean Alzieu Published on December 24, 2012
Translated by Hugh Ehreth
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  • Screen size 60 inches
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • HD compatibility (1080i/720p) Yes / Yes
  • HD Ready certification Yes
  • Brightness NA
  • Contrast ratio 3 :1
The LG 60PM670T is the 60" version of the 50" LG 50PM670T, which we reviewed here.

The PM670T is a plasma TV. Like all plasma screens, it's glossy, which means it's better in a room that isn't too brightly lit—even more so, considering that low brightness is one of plasma's biggest shortcomings.

The PM670T has online services with Smart TV, DLNA and a media player that supports most video formats.

The panel used in this TV is highly responsive. With an average response (ghosting) time of 8 ms, it outranks most of the competition. After using our recommended settings, we got accurate colours (average Delta E = 3), a good gamma, balanced colour temperature (6680 K) and 2000:1 contrast. What's more, as with all plasma TVs this one has particularly wide viewing angles, uniformly distributed light and no clouding (bright patches on otherwise dark images).

The sound, however, is disappointing. It will do for watching the evening news, but that's it. For movies, we recommend investing in a sound bar or home cinema kit.

As expected with plasma technology, the PM670T consumes a good deal of power.

For more about the LG 60PM670T, please refer to our review of the 50" model, the LG 50PM670T.

Sometimes manufacturers fit the different sized models of a given TV with different panels. In these cases our comments apply only to the model size we tested. This is because the contrast, black levels, colour fidelity and ghosting are all subject to change from one panel to another.

Manufacturers who use the same panel for each model size can expect the same results across the product line. The only factor that could be prone to variation is the brightness, which would produce slightly different contrast. However, according to our tests (and assurances from manufacturers), when the same panel is used the results from one TV can indeed be accurately applied to the other model sizes in the series.
Our Recommended Settings
We recommend using ISF Expert mode. Then all you have to do is adjust the contrast to get the white brightness where you like it. We prefer to put it all the way up to get it as close as possible to 200 cd/m².

Our Readings (with the above settings):

Contrast: 2000:1
Black: 0.07 cd/m²
Gamma: 3 / 5
Delta E: 3
Average discrepancy across display: 3%
Viewing angles: 3.9 / 5
Power use: 380 W
Media player: 3.4 / 5

See also: How We Test TVs


  • Accurate colours
  • Deep blacks (.07 cd/m²)
  • Highly responsive (8 ms, on average)
  • Price


  • Lacks brightness (140 cd/m², on average)
  • Terrible sound quality
  • Consumes a lot of power
  • Glossy screen subject to reflections
  • No motion interpolation


This is a good plasma TV for anyone looking for the home cinema experience without spending too much. But for just a bit more money, we prefer the Panasonic ST50, which has higher contrast and more precise image adjustment settings.
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