Published on December 17, 2012 11:35 AM

LCD 1, OLED 0. No OLED TVs Until 2014

But 4K LCD sets will be in stores in 2013

2012 was supposed to be the year we would see a massive arrival of OLED and 4K LCD TVs on the market. As for OLED TVs, there's been bupkis. And the 4K TVs that have made it to retailers are unstable with HDMI 1.4, making them incompatible with the future native 4K signals (HDMI 2 is coming).

At this point all we can do is look forward to 2013 and hope for announcements at CES in January. According to DisplaySearch, the Korean TV panel brands have revised their plans. Samsung and LG have both reportedly abandoned the Full HD OLED TV altogether and jumped straight to the next step: 4K OLED. But all we can expect next year is prototypes, with marketable models hitting stores only in 2014. And even then, they will be high-end luxury sets. Sony already warned us of this reality last October at La Factory.

So the focus for 2013 has switched to LCD, with the first marketed models to be 4K.

The reason behind the switch? OLED TVs are hard to make. The rate of loss during manufacturing is estimated at higher than 70%, making the production costs incredibly high. The procedure for LCD panels, on the other hand, involves far less loss and as a result the costs keep going down.

These relatively affordable, plus-size LCD TVs are proof:

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