Published on November 7, 2012 3:17 PM

How Realistic Is It To Hope For 4K TV In Your Home?

At our trade show, La Factory, last month we held a roundtable discussion with professionals from the industry, journalists and members of the public about the future of TV technology. The last question asked to spokespeople from Sony, Philips, Panasonic and LG was, "With networks today being, for a large part, ADSL, how do you plan on getting 4K content into homes?"

It's a good question, especially when even "HD" content is far from being the standard.

Panasonic 8k

Stéphane Labrousse, Director of Marketing at Sony Professional, admitted that the only way to generate interest in 4K in the short-term is through photography, not video. "It's true, it doesn't have much tract in today's world, but I have to insist, and I can demonstrate it to you over at our stand, that the source quality once converted to 4K will indeed enhance the image, as long the source quality is good."

But there's still hope of better quality in a not-so-far-off future because, Sony asserts, in Hollywood the majority of movies filmed digitally are filmed in 4K. "The costs of 4K broadcasting have become similar to what HD was a few years ago. So it's already a reality in the world of cinema! But it's true that the only way we can really make any use of 4K in the very short term is by converting Full HD video."

Stephane Labrousse sony

But the other thing that needs to evolve is our networks. They say for 4K content you need bandwidth of around 50 Mbit/s, and today's ADSL networks aren't exactly a hop, skip and a jump away from that...

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