Published on February 8, 2013 11:21 AM

Home Surveillance and S-Recommendation on Samsung's 2013 TVs

Big Brother is you!

Samsung just showed us one of the new functions it's introducing on its 2013 TV line: S Recommendation. What is it? How does it work? More on that in a minute... They also showed us a new function that they've been surprisingly nonvocal about, featured on the F7000 and F8000: video surveillance of your living room via a built-in webcam.

Telesurveillance f7000 f8000 samsung

Apparently, the Korean public has already gotten used to the idea, but Samsung has stalled mentioning it 'round these parts out of fear of wary European consumers. The company's new F7000 and F8000 TVs have a feature that uses the integrated webcam to film the room they're in and send the image to your smartphone.

This leaves several unanswered questions: What app does it use? Is there an LED to tell you when it's filming? Can you record the image? Is privacy a thing of the past, like ripped jeans, flannels and Docs?

As for S Recommendation, it's a voice recognition system for controlling your TV. All you have to do is say "CSI" or "movies with Willem Dafoe" and it'll tell you when and where they're on next and offer to record them. The content comes from Freeview, cable and potentially set-top boxes, although we're still waiting on more info from Samsung about which UK boxes will be compatible. One possibility is an extra HDMI cable that would likely be included with the TV.

Naturally, we can't wait to hear more about this feature because without set-top box compatibility, the practical uses would quickly dwindle.

S Recommendation will be featured on all of Samsung's 2013 Internet-enabled TVs, from the F5500 up:

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