Published on January 14, 2013 2:01 PM

CES 2013: Watch Two Things at Once on Samsung's OLED TV

TV showing two different programmes at once

Alongside its selection of UHD TVs, Samsung presented a rather interesting prototype at CES 2013. The 55" F9500 is an original OLED TV that allows two users to watch different TV shows simultaneously on the same screen.

F9500 oled samsung multiple

Thanks to Samsung's new OLED Multi-View technology, viewers can watch two different things at the same time on the same TV. That could help stop fights over the remote!

The only downside is that uses have to wear special glasses with built-in headphones. The system actually works in a similar way to active-shutter 3D. The glasses have built-in shutters that only let through images intended for specific viewers while blocking out the rest. Plus, unlike systems based on passive 3D, such as LG's Dual View and Sony's SimulView, there's no drop in overall resolution.

Even if this kind of system is theoretically possible in a standard LCD TV, the excellent responsiveness of OLED ensures that images from the different programmes don't accidentally overlap onto each other.

The fact that you have to wear glasses to watch 2D content makes us think that this is more likely to be a demonstration of Samsung's technical ability than the kind of function we may actually see in upcoming TVs. But, you never know.

This OLED TV is a prototype with no price or release information available.

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