Published on January 10, 2013 2:17 PM

CES 2013: Panasonic's New LCD TVs Get Passive 3D

The end of Alpha-IPS?

Panasonic has a new range of LCD 3D TVs on show at CES 2013. What's particularly interesting about this year's models is that Panasonic has abandoned active-shutter 3D in its LCD TVs in favour of passive technology.

Panasonic CES 2013

Using passive 3D in 2012's ET5 LCD TV must have proved a positive experience for Panasonic, as the firm has decided to switch all of its LCD TVs over to passive 3D for 2013 (with four pairs of glasses supplied with each model). This no doubt means that the Japanese tech manufacturer is now sourcing its panels entirely from LG, and that Panasonic's own version of IPS technology—Alpha-IPS—could be on its way out. Even though these weren't our favourite screen panels, Alpha-IPS did offer excellent response times—something we haven't seen in any of the LG screen panels we've tested to date (8 ms compared with 12 ms for the LG panels).

The three models on show at CES 2013 were all equipped with the Viera Connect platform (apps, VOD, catch-up TV) and a multimedia player for use via the USB connection or via DLNA (local network).

WT60 Series

Panasonic Viera TX-L47WT65B
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Panasonic Viera TX-L55WT65B
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The flagship model of the 2013 LCD range is the WT60, which features a 4200 Hz motion compensation system based notably on backlight scanning. The actual screen refresh rate is 200 Hz. This TV comes loaded with a dual-core Pro 4 processor and features a voice-control system (more details to follow). You also get a second remote with a touchpad for quick and easy navigation through the internal menus, as well as a built-in webcam for video chat on Skype. The WT60 has a slim metal bezel and a stand with an open, airy design.

This model should be available in two sizes: the 47" TX-L47WT60 and the 55" TX-L55WT60.

DT60 Series

The DT60 is very similar to the higher-end TV. Here, however, motion compensation is announced at 1600 Hz (although the actual refresh rate is still 200 Hz) and the metal stand has a slightly different design. There's no sign of a webcam either. Otherwise, this model has the same functions and the same basic casing as the WT60.

This model should be available in two sizes: the 55" TX-L55WT60 and the 60" TX-L60WT60.

ET60 Series

The ET60 sees motion compensation reduced to 600 Hz (although the actual refresh rate is still 200 Hz). It gets the same functions as the two higher-end models but there's no dual-core processor.

This model should be available in three sizes: the 50" TX-L50ET60, the 55" TX-L55ET60 and the 58" TX-L58ET60.

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