Published on January 16, 2013 9:16 AM

CES 2013: New Panasonic Plasma TV Range

Plasma technology isn't finished yet!

Plasma technology won't be bowing out in 2013, it seems, as Panasonic presented three new 3D-compatible plasma TVs at CES 2013—the ZT60, VT60 and ST60.

Like Panasonic's 2013 LCD TVs, the plasma range offers access to the firm's Viera Connect Smart TV platform for apps, catch-up TV, VOD services and more. There's also a handy built-in media player for access to content via USB or DLNA (local network). One thing that's different about Panasonic's plasma range, though, is that unlike the firm's LCD TVs, the plasmas use active-shutter 3D technology. That means you can enjoy 3D viewing in full resolution (Full HD: 1920 x 1080 pixels). However, active 3D glasses rely on built-in electronics, making them heavier and more expensive than passive models.

ZT60 Series

Panasonic zt60

Panasonic's new flagship plasma TV for 2013 is the ZT60. It features a brand new plasma screen, called the Studio Master Panel, as well as boosted screen brightness and contrast. The anti-glare finish also promises to be more effective than in 2012 models, and this year's TVs are made with no lead or mercury.

This TV comes with all the usual high-end features, including a "3000 Hz" motion compensation mode (although there's no mention of the actual screen refresh rate), a dual-core processor, voice controls and a second remote with a touchpad (Viera Touch Pad Controller) for quick and easy navigation in the TV's menus. Plus, there's a built-in webcam for video chat with Skype.

A fun new Touch Pen function has landed in Panasonic's high-end plasmas too, which lets you draw pictures on the TV using a compatible stylus. That should keep the kids quiet for a while!

The ZT60 will only be available in one size: 60" (152 cm) TX-P60ZT60.

VT60 Series

Panasonic vt60

The VT has all the same functions as the ZT60, except that it doesn't get the all-new screen panel. It uses the same Infinite Black Ultra panel as the VT50.

This TV will be available in three sizes: 50" (127 cm) TX-P50VT60, 60" (152 cm) TX-P60ST60 and 65" (165 cm) TX-P65VT60.

ST60 Series

Panasonic st60

The ST60 uses an Infinite Black Pro panel and comes with a motion compensation mode announced at 2500 Hz. Unlike the two higher-end models, there's no dual-core processor, second remote, voice controls or Touch Pen functionality. This is clearly a more basic TV, but picture quality should still be pretty good, as this plasma inherits most of its tech specs from the ST50.

This TV will be available in four sizes: 50" (127 cm) TX-P50ST60, 55" (140 cm) TX-P55ST60, 60" (152 cm) TX-P60ST60 and 65" (165 cm) TX-P65ST60.

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