Published: February 13, 2013 10:00 AM
By Fabien Pionneau
Translated by: Hugh Ehreth
One year after the pleasant surprise that was the Spirit 687, Mio is back with the next version of its high-end sat nav, the Spirit 697 LM. Among the advantages is unlimited GPS map updates.

Mio Spirit 697 LM
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Technologically identical to the Spirit 687, the Spirit 697 LM has the same glossy black facade and mid-range plastics as before, giving it a similarly unflattering finish. Fortunately, the matte 5-inch touchscreen (it's resistive, not multitouch) has 480 x 272 resolution, which is a step up from last year's model with a bright and overall pleasing display.

Does it have enough on its side to correct the shortcomings of the Spirit 687?

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