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Vincent Alzieu
Morgane Alzieu
Published on June 14, 2010
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  • Resolution 1200 x 600 dpi
  • Mono/colour speeds 16 ppm / NA
  • Ink droplet size NA
  • Cartridges required 1
  • Number of base colours 1
  • Scanner no
This new laser printer from Samsung looks nothing short of fantastic. Barely larger than the average shoebox, Samsung's ML-1665 is apparently 'the world's smallest mono laser printer'. It's also being billed as fast, super quiet (49 dB advertised) and energy efficient thanks to Energy Star accreditation. Maybe good things really do come in small packages ...


Apart from its impressively small design, our attention was instantly drawn to the One Touch button, pictured on the right.

Simply press the button and the ML-1665 prints a black and white A4 screen-grab showing exactly what you can see on the monitor screen. This function is so original and so incredibly handy that we decided to make a little video to show you just how it works.

Similarly, with the AnyWeb Print software supplied, you can select, drag and drop sections of what's on the screen to print them out instead of the whole page. Just select the areas you want to print, then drop them into the application in any order you like: it's as simple as that. As well as being practical, clever and easy to use, this function will also help you save ink and paper by only printing exactly what you need! Plus, you might not even need to print them at all though, as the software lets you save the bits and pieces you've grabbed in a selection of formats, including PDF. A printer that saves you from having to print—that's certainly new!

All these innovative features help the ML-1665 gain an extra star in the handling category, as the interface is otherwise pretty sparse. To keep both the size and the cost of the printer to a minimum, the 1665 only has a USB connection. There's no Wi-Fi connectivity and no Ethernet port, and you can forget about double-sided and colour printing too. It has a small 8 MB memory, but it's only really worth using for small documents since file transfer can take an age. The Samsung ML-1665 isn't compatible with PCL or PS3 as required by certain business users, and, obviously, it's a single-function printer so there's no scanner, copier or fax.


A print speed of 16 ppm is advertised and the ML-1665 doesn't disappoint:

It's nice to see such a decent speed on a low-cost printer, and as outlined in the insert (see right), this mini printer also prints its first page impressively quickly.


As the Samsung ML-1665 prints in a resolution of 600 dpi (rather than 1200 or 2400 dpi) we weren't expecting much. The good news is that we were pleasantly surprised. It may be 600 dpi but it's a pretty good 600 dpi! Shading is well rendered, tones are well reproduced, and text characters are clear and perfectly legible. Although the print matrix is visible, as is always the way with 600 dpi printers, the resulting documents would still be perfectly suitable for professional use.

Energy consumption & noise levels

This printer consumes 1.9 W on standby and 368 W in operation, when it also has a noise output of 51 dB. The Samsung ML-1665 therefore really is a fast, quiet and economical printer.

A classic printer, like the Lexmark E360dn for example, consumes 10 W on standby and 550 W while printing! What's more, given that we found the Lexmark's noise output of 55 dB quieter than average, the Samsung's 51 dB really isn't bad at all.

Cost per page

What is surprising is that a replacement ink cartridge will cost you almost as much as the printer itself! Beware though, as buying a new printer instead of a new cartridge is a false economy, as the ML-1665 isn't supplied with a full ink cartridge as standard. It's actually bundled with what Samsung calls a 'starter cartridge' with an ISO lifespan of 700 pages instead of 1,500.

Once you've invested in a full cartridge, you'll have a cost per page of 3.13 p—which is actually quite expensive for a laser printer.

We're guessing that most of you who buy this printer will only use it occasionally and for printing relatively short documents. If that's the case, then a lifespan of 1,500 pages is enormous.

Price (from) ISO Lifespan
Cost per page
MLT-D1042S (black) £47 1,500
3.13 p


First page printed in just 9 seconds!
With the printer in Ready mode, the first page prints in just 9 seconds, and that's fast!

However, on a day-to-day basis, you're actually more likely to wait around 20 seconds to print the first page, as the printer will spend most of its time in Standby mode. So, although it's possible to print the first page 9 seconds, 20 seconds will certainly be more common. That's not too bad either, as we could have expected a budget model like the ML-1665 to be much slower than that!


  • Very compact design
  • Fast, quiet, low power consumption
  • Very good quality for 600 dpi
  • Clever, practical, simple and economical One Touch printing functions
  • First page prints in 9 sec (from Ready mode) / Continuous printing at 16 ppm


  • Only a USB connection
  • Ships with 700-page starter cartridge
  • Slower printing from standby (compared with Ready mode)
  • At 1200 dpi, the results would look a bit less blocky but it would also push up price
  • Relatively high cost per page for a laser printer (3.13 p)


This is a good, ultra-compact printer with plenty of attractive features! Just don't pay too much attention to its score, as you can't really expect colour printing, a copier and a record-breaking cost per page in a product like this. What really matters here is speed, print quality, accuracy and size.
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