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Morgane Alzieu Published on December 15, 2010
Updated on December 15, 2010
Translated by Jack Sims


  • Resolution 600 x 600 dpi
  • Mono/colour speeds 18 ppm / NA
  • Ink droplet size NA
  • Cartridges required NA
  • Number of base colours 1
  • Scanner no

The LaserJet Pro P1102W is an entry-level black & white multifunction wi-fi printer for the home. It promises speeds of 18 pages per minute.

The size of the printer reminds us of the ML-1660 which we liked for its rapid "print screen" button.


This model promises rapidity and keeps its promise: 18 ppm is good.



HP isn't very consistent on the Pro P1102w's tech spec. Talking resolution, it says: "up to 600 x 6000 dpi (effectively 12000 dpi with HP FastRes 1200)". So then, 600 or 1200 dpi? We haven't yet been able to get a clear answer.

We can however give you a definite answer on the quality of prints. Shaded areas are well reproduced if tones do tend to be a little dark. The definition of characters is however excellent.

Good results for printed photos
(in contrast to a lot of other laser printers)

Energy consumption & Noise levels

This printer consumes 1.6 watts on standby and 109 watts when printing. For a laser, this is very good. Among lasers the HP LaserJet 1102W is among the most economical in terms of energy consumption.

Is it quiet? Pretty quiet, yes. It gets up to a maximum of 53 dB, which puts it at around average.

Cost per page

The printer, like all its competitors is delivered with start-up toner. This gives a lifespan of 700 pages rather than the 1600 announced for a standard cartridge.

With a full cartridge, the cost per page is 2.7 pence. This is amongst the most expensive for lasers.

Cartridge of toner
Cost per page
CE285A (black) £42 1 600
2.7 pence

Note that for a few pounds more, you can get an all-in-one printer with a scanner and copier like the Samsung SCX-4600.

The first page takes just 9 seconds!
HP promises 8.5 seconds here and keeps to it! With our test documents, we scored it at 9 seconds: very fast indeed!
What's even more surprising is that it only requires another 9 seconds to come out of stand-by mode, which is really quite a surprise. Most printers in this range take around three times as long.


  • Low energy consumption both when running and in standby
  • First page is fast to print, even coming out of standby
  • Wi-fi


  • Single function printer for the price of an all-in-one
  • High cost per page for lasers 2.7 pence
  • Start-up toner supplied: 700 pages, which is half the amount for a standard


Responsiveness, print quality, size and precision are all there. For this price however, you can get a model with a scanner and copier as well.
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