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REVIEW / Epson Expression Home XP-415, Compact Mid-Range Printer

Not the fastest around

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Rémi Jacquet Published on September 10, 2014
Translated by Hugh Ehreth


  • Resolution 5760 x 1440 dpi
  • Mono/colour speeds 8.7 ppm / 4.5 ppm
  • Ink droplet size 3 pl
  • Cartridges required 4
  • Number of base colours 4
  • Scanner yes


The Epson Expression Home XP-415 is a compact, three-in-one inkjet printer with Wi-Fi Direct and connected features such as cloud printing. In other words, nothing revolutionary here.

The XP-415 is the upper echelon of Epson's Expression Home range, sitting just above the XP-315, whose only difference is a smaller screen. To get better than this (i.e. a touchscreen and double-sided printing) from Epson, you have switch series and go with an Expression Premium XP-710.

The Expression Home XP-415 also comes in black. That model is called the XP-412 and, colour aside, it's strictly identical.


The plastic and manufacturing aren't particularly high-quality. We felt like we were dealing with an entry-level printer. The power button isn't very reassuring and you sometimes have to hit it a few times to get the printer to turn on or off. Also, the fact that you load paper through the top somewhat undercuts the whole idea of having such a compact printer (39 x 30 x 15 cm). We would have preferred having it load through the bottom.

But it's an easy printer to use. The screen is small, but it does its job and displays a sufficient amount of information. But the screen isn't so good when you want to print a photograph from an SD card, as you can't really get an idea of the quality when looking on the display. Another drawback to this price range is that there's no duplex printing.


The XP-415 prints text documents relatively slowly at just 11 pages per minute (ppm) in B&W and 6 ppm in colour. For home usage, you'll have to be patient if you have big files to print.

The print quality for text isn't amazing, either. In the sample graph below (which has been enlarged three times), you can easily pick out the individual ink droplets and almost no elements look homogeneously coloured. Even with text, the XP-415 isn't quite up to par with its price range.


The XP-415 also prints photographs slowly, taking 1 minute and 30 seconds to print a 10 x 15 cm print and 3 min 47 sec for an A4 print. This is miles away from the Canon Pixma MG5550 with its 23 seconds per 10 x 15 cm print and 55 seconds per A4 print.

The ink droplets are also visible in photos. The colour fidelity is average for the printers we've reviewed, with a dE 94 of 7.3. Reds and yellows look exaggerated, which is a common and often intentional feature on printers, where brands try to make photographs look more "flashy and flattering".


The 1200 x 2400 dpi scanner is another thing that's slow on this printer. It takes 39 sec to scan an A4 document and 1 min for a 10 x 151 cm photograph, a far cry from the HP Envy 5530, which, respectively, takes just 13 and 19 seconds. On the plus side, there are options that allow you to scan straight to cloud, a computer or an SD card, or have them sent automatically to an e-mail address.

Copy mode is relatively quick in B&W, but less so for colour, taking respectively 10 and 39 seconds. The Envy 5530 is speedier in colour (21 seconds) but slower in mono (13 seconds).


The Expression Home XP-415 doesn't consume very much energy, just 11 W while printing photos and 1 W while asleep. That's half the average among the printers we've reviewed.

It isn't particularly loud while printing (49 dB(A) from 1 metre away), but it does sometimes emit an excruciating hissing noise while on standby that's particularly annoying in otherwise quiet settings.


Using the XL ink cartridges, which are more expensive but last longer and are therefore cheaper in the long run, the Epson XP-415 has a cost per page of 9.4 pence. That's a tad lower than average, though a bit higher than the Pixma MG5550.
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First-page-out time
The Expression Home XP-415 is a responsive printer that takes just 23 seconds to print the initial page after being woken up and 25 seconds after being turned on.


  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Fast first-page-out times
  • Card reader


  • Slow printing (long documents take a long time)
  • Cost per page
  • No duplex
  • No touchscreen
  • Photo print quality behind the competition
  • Loads through the back


The Epson Expression Home XP-415 offers neither the features nor the photo print quality one excepts at this price. We prefer the Canon Pixma MG5550, which is a more versatile printer.
3 Epson Expression Home XP-415 DigitalVersus 2014-09-10 15:31:00
Compare: Epson Expression Home XP-415 to its competitors
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