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Marine Goy Published on September 28, 2011
Translated by Jack Sims
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  • Resolution 9600 x 2400 dpi
  • Mono/colour speeds 12.5 ppm / 9.3 ppm
  • Ink droplet size 1 pl
  • Cartridges required 6
  • Number of base colours 5
  • Scanner yes

The Pixma MG6250 is a photo-orientated, colour, 3-in-1 inkjet. Part of the new Canon range, this model is faithful to the Canon company culture and offers high quality all-round usage. It's targeted at those looking for a machine to print quality photos and documents. Very simple to set up, it also has an illustrated, easy-to-use on-screen guide.


Wow! Printers aren't generally the most aesthetic of high-tech objects but we were very impressed with the elegance of the MG6250! It's pretty and well-proportioned (47 x 36.7 x 17.3 cm and weighing 9.2 Kg). Although our rating system doesn't take looks into account, consumers who want a multifunction machine for the home might well be influenced by this. You'll have nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to the Pixma MG6250 and wi-fi capability means you'll be able to put it wherever you choose. Moreover, the Google Print feature allows you to link it up to the Internet via Google Chrome and launch your prints from anywhere. We weren't able to test this option as it will only be available as of end November.

As well as wi-fi, the MG6250 comes with duplex. Its glossy hood includes touch-sensitive buttons and a 3-inch screen. We secretly hoped that this new generation of printer would include a touchscreen too but this isn't the case. Like the Epson range, only the buttons are touch-sensitive, backlit to indicate those that are appropriate to the selected function. Although the wi-fi connection is simple and intuitive, entering a 32-digit code on a virtual keyboard using left and right arrows does prove rather laborious. Keying it in straight onto a screen would have been much more comfortable.
Intelligent Touch System

You load photo paper and envelopes at the back and there's a 150-page loader at the front as well as a CD/DVD or Blu-ray writer (Direct Disc Print).

The new generation has the eco information feature. You can access this straight from the control panel and it gives you the option of automatic double-sided copies and prints (Auto Duplex) and you can also get it to tell the printer to turn itself off after a certain amount of time (from 15 minutes to never). Other new features include a quiet mode as well as direct access to scan and print disc labels. Thanks to Pixma Cloud Link, users can print photos straight from their on-line albums using Canon Image Gateway and Picasa. Still looking at the new features, we tested Full HD Movie Print for printing photos from HD movies, but we weren't all that impressed. The basic idea of assembling several views of a video to recreate the effect of movement on a photo is a good one but there are quite a few restrictions, including the fact that videos must be from a supported Canon digital camera and must not exceed 24 frames per second (almost all Canons deliver video at 30 frames per second). This means, for example, that the system works with video from the PowerShot G10 and the SX1 but not the G11. You'll also need to use the Canon software, ZooBrowser EX 6.5.

Full HD Movie Print: a bin system to select the images from a video and then assemble them on a photo.

The MSD, SD and Flash card readers are at the front of the machine, protected by a cover. Beside them, you'll find a USB port for plugging in a key. Photos are displayed on the screen and you can scroll using the arrows to the left and right of the screen. Printing is fairly easy. You just select the photos to be printed and continue to scroll through for further selections.

Card readers

Another practical option for printing photos or documents stocked on iPads and iPhones or mobile Android devices is the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint application, which can be downloaded free of charge. You just have to launch the application and select the photo to be printed. The device then connects to the printer via wi-fi. A simple, rapid and efficient solution.

Under the hood you'll find space for six separated cartridges, which means you only need to replace the particular colour that has run out.

Cartridge insertion


Strangely, the print speeds announced by Canon (12.5 pages per minute (ppm) for black and white and 9.3 ppm for colour) don't correspond to those we scored it at with our test documents. This is rare enough for us to highlight it. Generally the information given by Canon, which is subject to the ISO standard, is reliable and in line with our results.

Although the times we measured it at are good enough, we can't but be surprised to see that this printer seems to be slower than the previous generation model: the Pixma MG6150 (10 ppm colour and 13 ppm black & white).

Photo print speeds do however correspond to those announced by Canon: 20 seconds for a 10 x 15 cm print, where we scored it at 23. Less than a minute for an A4 is fast.


You usually have to choose between good photo quality and office document precision but here Canon has managed to provide both! This is rare. Most so-called all-round printers from other manufacturers are weak in one area or another. Here, the MG6250 does very well with our graph, which is however a challenge for many printers, giving sharp, precise results and accurate shading.

Photo print quality is up to what you'd expect from a good photo printer. The colours are also less saturated than is often the case with Canon products. The prints are precise, detail well reproduced and the resolution excellent.


Scanner and copier

Seven seconds to scan a 300 dpi document is fast. The scanner gives good results and the colour difference is relatively low at just 6%.

Copies are also printed rapidly, with a black & white copy taking just eleven seconds and a colour thirteen. The quality of the copies is, as is often the case, pretty average but there are numerous copy mode options: you can define an enlargement, the intensity, the size and type of paper and you can produce double-sided copies and request a preview of the copy on screen before printing it.

Energy consumption & Noise levels

This multifunction is quiet and doesn't draw too much power (20 Watts when printing and 2 Watts in standby). We measured it at 47 dB(A) when printing.

Cost per page: 10.2 pence.

Disastrous! This printer wasn't far from getting a 5-star rating but we've had to penalise it because of the excessive cost per page. Although there has been some improvement on the previous generation, the introduction of an additional grey cartridge raises costs drastically. At 10.2 pence it's more than average and a good deal more than the MP640 and MX870 (7.6 pence), or even the MP990 (8.7 pence). Bringing in XL cartridges would reduce the cost but these are not yet available from Canon.

ISO lifespan for text
Cartridge Price
ISO lifespan
Cost per page
PGI-525PGBK (black) £9.30
311 3 pence
CLI-526C (cyan) £8.90
1.9 pence
CLI-526M (magenta) £8.80
466 1.9 pence
CLI-526Y (yellow) £8.90
1.9 pence
CLI-526GY (grey) £15.60 1480 1.1 pence
CLI-526BK (black) £8.90  2285 0.4 pence
ISO lifespan Photo10x15 (Canon's prices)
Cartridge Price
ISO lifespan
Cost per page
PGI-525PGBK (black) £9.30 3800 0.2 pence
CLI-526C (cyan) £8.90 207
4.3 pence
CLI-526M (magenta) £8.80 204 4.3 pence
CLI-526Y (yellow) £8.90 202
4.3 pence
CLI-526GY (grey) £15.60 165 9.5 pence
CLI-526BK (black) £8.90
 635 1.4 pence

This makes for a total of 24 pence per photo not including paper (ink only).
The first page takes...
Responsive across the board, the MG6250 is up and running rapidly whether from off position (36 seconds to first page), standby (18 seconds) or when on (10 seconds).


  • Excellent photo and document print quality
  • Good scanner
  • Rapid and responsive
  • Double-sided with all functions
  • Wi-fi and Ethernet


  • Cost per page too high
  • The Full HD Movie Print software didn't convince us


Canon excels in producing multifunction machines that give across the board quality. Here both photo and document print quality is high (which is rare).
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