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Nilofar Hadjanadjiboudine Published on January 5, 2009
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  • Resolution 2400 x 600 dpi
  • Mono/colour speeds 18 ppm / NA
  • Ink droplet size NA
  • Cartridges required 1
  • Number of base colours 1
  • Scanner no
The HL-2035 is a budget laser. Its price is that of an entry-level inkjet, but it can print 1,000 pages straight away. That is 1,000 pages on the starter toner, instead of the 1,500 on a regular toner cartridge. This of course makes it tricky to compare it with the other models. The Epson 6200L is shipped with a 3,000 cartridge. In order to be able to compare their prices, you have to see how much the HL-2035 would cost were it supplied with a higher capacity cartridge. Once you’ve done the maths, it is clear that the Brother is less impressive in terms of costs.

Speed and Quality

The quoted print speed by Brother is 18 ppm. The HL-2035 is actually even faster than that:18,3 ppm according to our tests, be it in draft mode or standard. Text prints well. You can even use the draft mode on an everyday basis, the black ink prints deeply and the letters are sharp. This brings the cost per page down as you save on toner. Graphics and pictures however come out slightly fuzzy.

Cost per page

Although a HL-2035 toner cartridge normally prints 1,500 pages, the ‘starter’ cartridge supplied here is only good for 1,000. This little trick, again common to most manufacturers, means you start paying for consumable earlier.

toner lifespan (pages)
TN2005 1,500

Cartridge lifespan - ISO test for office
Brother HL-2035 vs. inkjet
This laser is 3 to 5 times cheaper, depending on whether the inkjet is toner-hungry or not. It will also be 3 times faster than a good inkjet in « normal » mode.

Laser print quality is almost always quite outstanding. But it is not better than inkjet. Text prints very well but graphics, charts and pies aren’t as crisp as with a good inkjet.


  • price of cost per page
  • good speed
  • text prints crisp
  • price tag


  • graphics/picture prints
  • starter toner cartridge for 1,000 pages only
  • running costs are slightly higher given the small capacity of the initial cartridge
  • no wireless, no Ethernet
  • no driver for Linux (only Mac and Windows


The HL-2035 is a budget printer perfect for text but is less than impressive in other fields. It’s a good option for low-volume print users.
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