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Tristan François Published on October 30, 2009
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  • Power supply Internal
  • Sound-To-Noise ratio 85 dB
  • of subwoofer 2 x 9 W / 16 W
  • Nominal output power NA
  • Remote Wired
  • Connectivity auxiliary in (minijack), headphones (minijack)
The second Edifier speaker set in our survey, the M3200 resemble the Altec Lansing design a bit  without being as high-end as the expressionistic Altecs.

A design that stands out, a bit big

The M3200 certainly stands out as a speaker set. See how the satellites are higher than the subwoofer and check out the red belt decorating the front of each speaker! A nice change from the usual multimedia kit monotony.

Although the subwoofer isn't too big, you can't say the same for the satellites. Especially as the tight red belt does nothing to save space, there purely for aesthetics.

We were pleased however to find a remote on this reasonably-priced set, even if this one is pretty basic and wired. There's also an auxiliary in as well as a headphones socket - something the top brands have started to ignore.

An easy sound, perhaps a little too soft

The M3200 gives a nice sound. What we mean by that is that it's accurate, neither exagerated nor veiled. You can use it for hours on end without getting tired of it. We do however have a few criticisms, beginning with the absence of treble - the louder you listen the more obvious this becomes.
The mid-range sounds are nice and present for once, though not as precise as they could be. It's a shame but for an entry-level product, they really aren't bad.

The subwoofer is similar to many other entry-level subwoofers: sluggish! Unfortunately, it definitely isn't worse than the average. And the M3200 has real mid-range speakers you can set the bass on (on the subwoofer rather than using the remote which is a shame), which means you can alter the sound on the woofer without losing mid-range.

Edifier has proved once again that without necessarily reaching excellence, it can match the market leaders. The more established brands need to get a move on if they don't want to see the market invaded by the new arrivals who are coming out with well-made products at affordable prices.
A rectangle for the mid-range
If you remove the M3200 covering, you'll see that the mid-range speaker is in fact a large rectangle in card/paper, encircled in rubber.

You may find this strange but there's no need to panic! Not all speakers are necessarily conal. For example dome speakers, though circular, are curved the other way round.

You also get ribon speakers, with only the square section visible, like you see above, but where the technology is a vibrating ribon.


  • Original design
  • Gentle sound
  • Comes with a remote


  • Lack of treble
  • Sound is a little dull


Nothing extraordinary, but nothing catastrophic either; this M3200 is mid-range in terms of quality.
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