Review: Edifier M1335

Our score: 3/5
Reviewed: October 29, 2009 11:00 PM
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Published: October 29, 2009 11:00 PM
By Tristan François
Generally we separate products into low-end, mid-range and high-end. Here what we have with the M1335 is something just above low-end.

Sober but not austere

Less daring than the M3200, the M1335 is a kit made up of two small satellite speakers and a subwoofer that doesn't take up much space either. While the satellites are nice and discrete, the subwoofer has an enormous insert in silver plastic!

The finish isn't bad nevertheless, well above what you often find with Chinese makes. On just its third kit, Edifier is showing that it is possible to make accessibly-priced products without peddling rubbish.

The plastic remote is obviously not high-end but isn't cheap-looking either. It's definitely a plus in terms of usability of the kit. A shame that there's no auxiliary in.

Odd frequency curve, ordinary sound

The M1335 frequency curve has a tendency to bounce. It climbs and then falls on a regular basis: a strange phenomenon that makes you think of the curves you get with in-ear headphones. But the sound is quite different. There's no noticeable variation.

Obviously this isn't hi-fi equipment but it's at least what you would hope for on this type of product. No miracles from the satellite speakers that do what they can with all the sounds they have to handle. Naturally, if you push the volume they struggle and the subwoofer gets a little mushy.

The M1335 won't revolutionise the world of audio. What you get is an average set that does nevertheless give value for money. It confirms that for regular computer use (internet included then), you shouldn't hold back on investing a little money. And no need to break the bank either as there's quite a margin beteen the M1335 and a set of Focal XS speakers.
3/5 Edifier M1335 DigitalVersus 2009-10-30 00:00:00


  • Discrete without being austere
  • Compact
  • Remote included


  • Average sound
  • Soft bass sounds
  • No aux in


For a low-priced product, the M1335 does very well. It'll be fine for limited use but anything more and it's out of its depth.