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Tristan François Published on January 26, 2012
Translated by Catherine Barraclough


  • Power supply External
  • Sound-To-Noise ratio NC dB
  • of subwoofer NC / NA
  • Nominal output power NA
  • Remote Wired
  • Connectivity Mini-jack, aux in, headphones out
The release of a new multimedia-oriented product from Bose is something of an event, as the American manufacturer is one of the rare tech brands not to have fallen into the habit of updating its products every six months. So when the opportunity comes along to test a pair of PC (and Mac) speakers as good as the Companion 20, we're careful to savour every minute of it!

Design & Hardware: USB Missing

This latest Bose computer speaker set is a nice, innovative update of the compact and pretty impressive Music Monitor speakers. 

Bose Companion 20

In a rather typical Bose style, each Companion 20 satellite speaker is finished in a blend of matte grey and black materials and a sandblasted aluminium grille. The effect is subtle but stylish, as the speakers have a sleek, modern look—it's a far enough cry from your dad's hi-fi to look pretty cool, without falling into the trap of using shiny black plastic, which is often disappointing.

With each speaker weighing it at a kilo and standing 20 cm tall, this isn't the most compact kit on the market, but that's the price you have to pay if you want decent sound without a subwoofer.

The wired remote that accompanies the speakers has the same basic deign as the one seen in similar Bose products. In other words, it's a kind of round box with a smooth, easy-to-adjust dial around it for changing the volume. Plus, the metal circle on the upper face of the remote is actually a big touch-sensitive button that mutes the system. At first glance it looks a bit gimmicky, but it's actually very practical to use. The auxiliary inputs and outputs are built into the side of the remote.

Connections, however, are the main drawback of the Companion 20, as Bose has only equipped with this system with a mini-jack entry. Auxiliary connections are all very well and good, but a few extras wouldn't go amiss! Although the jack would have been sufficient a few years ago, we've got to admit that it's a bit poor by today's standards. We would have liked to see a USB port to make up for the low-grade soundcards often built into computers, for example. Wireless connectivity wouldn't go amiss either.

Audio Quality: Plenty of Bass

Stereo speaker kits always come up against the same problem—whether to prioritise a compact design or bass. The Bose Companion 20 speakers offer a very interesting compromise between the two, as the speakers are about the height of a book but the audio output is graced with audible bass frequencies!

That said, these speakers are no bass-packed monsters. Even if Bose has a reputation for its particularly bassy output, we're nowhere near that kind of level here. However, the spectrum is relatively well balanced and medium frequencies hold up well, which pretty rare in multimedia speakers these days.

We couldn't help wondering just how Bose had managed to make bass frequencies so present in a stereo speaker kit. Although Bose isn't ready to divulge its manufacturing and design secrets just yet, the picture below shows that the on-board boomers seem to be derived from the highly effective VideoWave system, using Bose's much-loved Waveguide technology (a cross between a vent and a chamber) to help deliver decent bass in a compact enclosure.

Bose Companion 20

The sound output is accurate, clean, with a wide soundstage and good source positioning. Bose has done a very good job of balancing quality between the various speakers in each enclosure. In speaker kits using a subwoofer, the satellite speakers often scrimp on mediums, forcing the manufacturer to over-use the subwoofer with pretty awful results.

In the end, the Bose Companion 20 is a very nice surprise. The faults we usually flag up in computer speaker kits are no-were to be seen, and its only real let-down is the limited connectivity. However, a quick glance at the competition shows that USB and other add-ons often push up price without necessarily bringing any boost in audio quality. Why pick up a flashy iOS dock for up to twice the price when the Bose Companion 20 does just as good a job?
Automatic Standby
A long press on the touch-sensitive button on the remote control activates and deactivates a rather handy function—after several minutes' silence from the audio source, the kit goes into standby mode automatically, switching off the speakers and cutting power consumption radically.

That's a really handy addition, and not just for users who forget to switch things off!


  • High-end audio performances
  • Nice design and finish
  • Practical remote
  • Integrated mute and standby functions


  • Limited choice of connections
  • No wireless remote
  • No separate bass/treble adjustment


The Bose Companion 20 is an excellent computer speaker kit that won't take up too much room on your desk. Despite being cheaper than most 'premium' speaker kits, it's hard to find fault with the Companion 20!
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