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BUYER'S GUIDE / The Best MP3 Players

Yes, they do still exist

The 2 best mp3 players of the moment: the best all-rounder, the best-value mp3 player, the best budget option, the best choice if money is no object.

Does it All (Except Calls) : Apple iPod Touch 64 GB (2012, 5th Generation)

As well as playing music, the iPod Touch is a good option for pocket gaming thanks to boosted performances and the wide range of applications available to download from the App Store.

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Store Available Price £
John Lewis 299.00 See offer  
Currys 299.00 See offer  
Apple store 329.00 See offer  

Editor's Choice : SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB

This compact, robust and easy-to-use MP3 player is perfect for joggers, skiers, cyclists and more, bringing music wherever you want to go. The Clip+ isn't without fault, but given its budget price tag and handy microSD card slot, you can't really ask for a whole lot more.

Sound quality is very good, and the audio output is worthy of a higher-end device. The only drawback is that the jack's output isn't powerful enough to use with a pair of big, hi-fi-style headphones. Then again, that's not really what this MP3 player is designed for! Stick to lightweight headphones or earphones and it'll work like a dream!

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