Published on December 20, 2012 10:11 AM

Samsung To Unveil Flexible Smartphone Display At CES 2013

5.5" HD Touchscreen: 1280 x 720 pixels (267 dpi)

Samsung Display's spokespeople have confirmed that they will be unveiling two flexible screens at CES 2013, one of which will be a 5.5" display (same size as the Galaxy Note 2), the other 55", which sounds just about right for a TV...

Samsung galaxy skin big

The spectre of the Galaxy Skin is back with a vengeance. Samsung already revealed the concept in 2011, but we now know that what we see in 2013 will be a bit more spec'd out than originally planned: before, the screen was to be in 800 x 480 resolution; now it's in 1280 x 720, which is much more in tune with today's world.

The displays will be bendable, but not to the point that you can roll them up like a newspaper. According to Samsung, the screens will open the market up to new design concepts.
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