Published on November 21, 2012 1:57 PM

Samsung and LG Duke It Out Over OLED Patents

A patent war is born

Samsung LG OLED patents
In response to LG's patent infringement accusations from last September, Samsung has decided to retaliate. And a patent war commences...

The story goes back a couple months. It started in September when Samsung accused LG of industrial espionage and the theft of 18 different OLED technologies. LG duly responded in kind by filing suit against Samsung for infringing seven of its OLED patents, demanding punitive damages and the discontinuation of several Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 7.7.

Samsung Galaxy S3
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Now Samsung has retaliated back by demanding that all seven patents be rendered invalid due to a "lack of innovation", which would effectively prevent any lawsuits filed against it.

To be continued...

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