Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Smartphone Review: A Pocket Galaxy S3?

Well, no... but it's still not a bad mobile

With Carphone Warehouse promising that the Galaxy S3 Mini "brings the high performance and ease-of-use of the Galaxy S3 to a compact smartphone" and Phones 4U declaring it a "perfect new addition to the family," users looking for a more compact or more affordable version of the Galaxy S3 may think that the Mini is the perfect solution!

However, this isn't really a case of like father like son, as the Galaxy S3 Mini doesn't actually have all that much in common with the full-sized Galaxy S3.

So for around £300 SIM-free, what exactly do you get with this handset? Can it out-perform the Galaxy S2, an older handset that now sells for around the same price, but which comes with a better processor and camera? How does the Mini compare with entry-level smartphones? Answers in our review.

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