Published on January 28, 2013 9:01 AM

X Phone: The First Motorola-Made Google Phone?

Expected to land in July 2013

Google could be set to unveil a new smartphone—codenamed the X Phone—at its upcoming annual conference. Plus, the latest handset is expected to stand apart from Googe's existing Nexus range.

After HTC, Samsung and LG, the next Google phone could be made by Motorola, a firm that Google snapped up in mid-2011. For the first time, this would allow Google full control of the design and manufacturer of its phone from A to Z.

What doesn't look set to change, however, is Google's approach to product distribution, as the X Phone will only be sold on the Google Play Store website. Hopefully it won't end up in such short supply as the Nexus 4, the aggressively priced LG-made handset that launched in November 2012 and which has proved hard to get hold of due to ongoing stock issues. Users desperate to get their hands on this phone have been pretty disappointed.

The X Phone is rumoured to be landing in July 2013 priced at $300.

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