Published on February 15, 2011 11:00 PM

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014

The Mobile World Congress is undoubtedly the biggest mobile technology event of the year. As ever, smartphone, tablet and industrial equipment manufacturers are lining up to show off their latest creations at MWC 2014, which opens on Monday 24 February in Barcelona.

MWC 2014 is a great opportunity to check out this year's biggest trends in the world of mobile devices. Even if certain flagship handsets—like new models from Apple—won't be making an appearance, and some manufacturers have already unveiled phones at tablets at CES 2014, there'll still be loads of hot devices on display at the Barcelona-based event.

While heavyweight mobile-maker Samsung will no doubt continue to roll out scores of new phones, including new additions to its Galaxy range, the firm's rivals are getting ready to fight back in what's increasing becoming a battle for survival. Most of those rivals will have something new on show at this year's MWC, including LG and HTC. Plus, as the ambassador of Windows Phone, Nokia is expected to be bringing a new set of Lumia smartphones to Barcelona too.

The up-and-coming Chinese manufacturers we already saw in force at CES 2014 are likely to be expanding their ranges of mobile devices too. Huawei, for example, is likely to start moving towards attractively priced high-end handsets, particularly aimed at the SIM-free market.

But MWC isn't just about handsets—chip and component-makers will be on hand too, as Qualcomm, Nvidia, Intel, plus Samsung, Huawei (in their own smartphones) and VIA Technologies (used by HTC and Asus) will be showing off a new set of multi-core, power-packed and energy-efficient mobile processors.

We'll be heading over to Barcelona to check out all the action live as it happens. Stay tuned to this page for all our news, videos, pictures and hands-on sessions from MWC 2014.
MWC 2014 - 24 to 27 February
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