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Régis Jehl Published on December 2, 2011
Translated by Jack Sims
This is an archive page, the content is no longer up to date.


  • Connections (HDMI/composite/optical/coaxial) 1 / 1 / 1 / 1
  • Hard drive bay (2.5''/3.5'') no / no
  • WiFi no
  • Ethernet NA
  • DVB-T tuner single
  • Chip Mstar MSD 7828
A media centre with a digital tuner at under £50? Yes, that’s what the Memup Mediagate TV HD comes in at! Sure, at this price, there’s neither a slot for a hard drive nor a network port, but not everyone needs these features. We checked to see if this product offers any real innovations while remaining affordable.
What really shocks you when you get it out of the box is how plasticky it is. Cheap materials have been used and this is noticeable, even on the remote, which isn’t as well finished as the one used on Dvico products.

Moreover, there was a random link-up between this remote and our test TV, the LG 32LW4500. Some users may even find it impossible to use this media streamer with some TVs!

There was also an issue with standby. When you press on the appropriate button on the remote, the centre goes into sleep mode sure enough, but if a USB peripheral is connected to it, it will still receive charge and continue to run, which is obviously a problem.

No care taken with the interface

There’s a very old school feel with this interface which is, let’s be frank, exceptionally ugly! What’s more it’s far from fluid.

Files are displayed in list form, with a preview option in a box to the right. This box is actually still there when the preview feature is turned off!

The interface with and without preview...

Under average for media playback

After a fairly sorry tale with respect to the interface, we come to media compatibility. The MediaGate doesn't do any better here. Medium or high throughput videos are jumpy, at least for those that can be played at all.

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There's no support for DTS decoding and this format therefore can’t be played on, for example, TV speakers. You have to send the signal to an external audio amp, but then you’ll have an issue with the DTS HD MA/HR and Dolby TrueHD tracks, which aren’t transferred (no sound, not even the core).

The TV interface and programme guide

Otherwise, note WMV, MTS, ISO backups and some MOV files can't be played. Once again, then, this product takes us back a few years!
Digital TV tuner
The digital tuner won‘t allow you to watch one channel and record (on a USB peripheral only) from another simultaneously. During recordings, you’ll see a red ball flashing on the top left hand side of the screen, which is rather annoying if you want to watch a programme at the same time.

Live controls are of course included and are very responsive. The classification of recordings isn’t all that great as all the files are placed in the same list and are named according the channel and date of the recording.

The programme guide allows you to programme recordings but, crucially, this EPG still contains just as little information, though this is the fault of television programmes.

Once again, it's a shame that the so little care has been taken with the interface. Those who are used to the polished interfaces you get on certain broadband boxes or tablet apps are in for a shock.


  • Good reception on digital HD tuner


  • Medieval interface
  • Slowdowns and a few bugs
  • Limited media compatibility
  • Poor overall finish
  • No DTS decoding


The final rating is severe but makes sense: this product is sold as a media centre with a digital TV tuner. It's certainly a good tuner but the MediaGate handles media very poorly and its interface needs a total overhaul. Unless it’s going really cheap, we can only recommend it to record TV programmes and nothing more.
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