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Régis Jehl Published on December 2, 2011
Translated by Jack Sims
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  • Connections (HDMI/composite/optical/coaxial) 1 / 1 / 0 / 1
  • Hard drive bay (2.5''/3.5'') no / yes
  • WiFi no
  • Ethernet NA
  • DVB-T tuner no
  • Chip Realtek RTD1005
The Memup Mediadisk Diamond media centre with hard drive promises to be the 'ultimate high definition experience' and offer 'simple and intuitive playback with optimum results'. Will the product live up to the promises? Answers in the test of this model that comes with a hard drive.

Rather nice to look at, the Mediadisk Diamond has a good quality glossy plastic shell. It comes with a built-in hard drive (options from 500 GB to 2 TB of data). The remote is an entry level model and the finish a little bit too lightweight for our taste. It can also be a bit capricious and you sometimes have to press down several times for a command to be accepted.

A simple and intuitive interface, yes, but…

Memup wasn’t lying when it said that the interface was simple and intuitive. However, the graphics are from another era and don’t make the most of a the available surface area on a Full-HD TV. The options are pretty standard with viewing by list, a thumbnail of the file or mosaic form.

Display by list or by thumbnails for films. Posters have to be retrieved and positioned manually

You can display photos in miniature format, which is practical when you’re trying to retrieve a particular image. Music album covers can also be displayed, as long as they’re integrated within mp3 files or are external. Audio track information (TAGs) isn’t recognised on any other format than mp3.

You can create a mini-jukebox for videos by adding film posters manually, a long and discouraging task but it's good to have the option all the same.

When you display miniatures of photos and music albums
you realise that the display space on Full-HD TVs isn’t fully exploited!

Lower than average media playback

There’s no jumpiness with playback of high throughput HD videos, whether they’re stored on the internal hard drive or a USB peripheral. Dolby and DTS can be sent in bitstream to an audio amp or decoded. On HD tracks (Master Audio, TrueHD) only the core part is conserved and sent to the amp.

We did all the same note a small but annoying problem: when an external hard drive is linked up, some videos are jumpy with random audio outs. While this doesn’t affect MKVs and M2TS files, it would nevertheless be preferable if the manufacturer corrected the issue as soon as possible.

Find all our readings in the media centre face-off

Lastly, the connectivity is pretty restrained with just an HDMI, a composite and coaxial for audio. There’s no network socket here and you therefore have to resort to the USB Host or the SDHC reader for copying files from an external peripheral. Unfortunately, copying in this way is abominably slow (4.7 MB/s) and it's better to link the device up to a computer by USB as you'll then get an average speed of around 20 MB/s.
As with most media centres, there’s a cataloguing system. It reviews all the different media files stored on the hard drive and offers a view by category.

For example, music albums can be displayed by album, artist or genre. The feature doesn’t however seem as useful for photos and videos. As film information (actors, years and so on) isn’t indexed, the only available filters are listings by date and alphabetically.

Moreover, as personal films are rarely renamed, you quickly get mixed up amongst all your videos and it can be hard to put your hands on what you’re looking for.


  • Miniatures displayed practical for photos
  • Cataloguing of music albums


  • Interface from another era
  • A few faults that can be corrected
  • Very slow USB copy


Take an interface from another era, limited features and a handful of bugs, shake it all around and you’ll get this media centre. To be avoided! There are plenty of other models on the market and you’ll definitely find better elsewhere.
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