Review: Iiyama Prolite E2607WS

Our score: 4/5
Reviewed: August 26, 2008 11:00 PM
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Published: August 26, 2008 11:00 PM
By Alexandre Botella
The Prolite E2607WS is presented by Iiyama as the new flagship monitor featuring exceptional color rendering and a 2 ms response time.  It is, still according to Iiyama, the ideal solution on the market for all applications and uses.

Like its little brother, the Prolite E2207WSV, we find the "stylish but entry level" design.  Iiyama opted for a glossy finish accompanied by an aluminum strip.  On the back, we find three video inputs: VGA, DVI and HDMI.  Also, there is an audio jack relayed to a pair of 2 x 5 watt speakers instead of the standard 2 x 2 watt units.  Unfortunately, these qualities do not give it more than two stars in ergonomics.  For example, there is a lack of a card reader, vertically adjustable base, webcam, etc.

Nevertheless, continue to read as it does have two advantages that will interest more than one potential buyer.

Color rendering

By default, with an average difference of only 2.2 between colors wanted by the graphic card and those actually displayed on the screen we can almost say it has been factory pre-calibrated.  This is a very rare quality in these times.  However, improvements via the OSD are still possible.  By setting colors to UserColor and then setting Red, Green, and Blue to a respective 34, 34 and 35, differences are reduced even more.

Unfortunately, contrast doesn't surpass 550:1 instead of the claimed 1000:1.


C'est l'autre gros point fort du Prolite E2607WS : sa rémanence est très faible. Il s'adaptera donc à toute utilisation. Que ce soit le jeu ou la bureautique, rien ne met en défaut sa réactivité. De plus, il n'a que peu de retard par rapport à un écran CRT, ce qui ne provoquera pas de désavantage pour les joueurs de LAN.

Note:  Iiyama plans on releasing a version of the Prolite E2607WS without HDMI and DVI for roughly 50 Euros less.  This is of limited interest, in our opinion, but some users may think otherwise...
4/5 Iiyama Prolite E2607WS DigitalVersus 2008-08-27 00:00:00


  • Reactivity
  • Color fidelity right out of the box
  • Moderate energy consumption (see Product Face-offs)
  • HDMI + DVI + VGA
  • Price/diagonal size


  • Ergonomics
  • No zero dead pixel policy
  • TN panel equals lower angle darkens


An excellent product and the price is equally pleasing. We do find more practical and stylish at the same price although this means settling for a 24 inch.