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Alexandre Botella Published on June 25, 2010
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  • Screen size 24 inches
  • Panel type TN
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Response time 2 ms
  • Inputs (HDMI / DVI / VGA / Component) 1 / 1 / 1 / 0
  • Other details Speakers, headphone jack
Since we started reviewing Iiyama's monitors, we've seen some excellent monitors, like the B2403WS, the B2206WS, or more recently, the B2712HDS, all of which were great.  That's why we're expecting so much from this ProLite E2472HD, the manufacturer's first screen with LED backlighting.

The most striking thing is the new design.  Iiyama has traditionally gone for matte monitors in black or grey, but this new 24'' model has a glossy finish, a lot more curves and a much slimmer frame.

Hardware: where's the stand?

So, visually, the design is in keeping with current trends, but just like all of Iiyama's 'E' range, the stand only offers a minimal amount of movement, only leaving room to tilt the panel backwards and forwards.  At the back, the classic trio of VGA, DVI and HDMI video inputs is joined by a pair of speakers and a headphone jack.

Colours: you'll need to calibrate

To start with the good news, the contrast ratio beats the average value of 850:1 on computer monitors and gets close to 900:1.

Measured Colours

Ideal Colours
Compare the Iiyama ProLite E2472HD to other LCD monitors in our Product Face-Off

But that's the only good news about the display.  By default, its gamma curve is all over the place and the colour temperature is far too high.  As a result, the deltaE reaches 5.1, when it should really be below 3.0 for the colours to be accurate.  On screen, this leads to greys that don't have the right brightness levels and colours which are far too blue.  The worst part of the whole thing is that you can't correct any of this using the onscreen display.  That leaves you with just two options: either you can accept the problems with the colours, or use a calibration profile.  We strongly advise against any important graphics work or photography without calibrating.

Responsiveness: problems with overdrive

Despite these problems, this monitor could easily have had what it needed to please gamers, but unfortunately, Iiyama hasn't taken care of overdrive.  This function is supposed to improve responsiveness and is turned on by default, but leads to reverse ghosting, meaning negatively-coloured frames are left trailing behind and are very visible.  You need to look in the 'General' section of the menu to find 'OD' (for overdrive) and turn it off unless you want to start seeing these effects as soon as you move the mouse across your desktop.

Coloured   Transparent
Average ghosting
over ten frames

Once overdrive is gone, the E2472HD becomes a perfectly ordinary 5 ms monitor, and is therefore too slow to be able to offer a fluid display of rapid movements, so we can't recommend it for gaming.

It's a shame, as its input lag is low enough to mean there's no visible pause in between the action and what you see on screen.

Movies: upscaling needs work and blurriness too visible

With no dedicated hardware on board, it's hard to expect miracles and hope for a quality upscaling of SD sources.  Apart from that, we also noticed a lot of blur, so if you're planning on watching video on the E2472HD, you'll want to make sure you use a player that can do the job for you and a 1080p signal straight to the screen.
The E2472HDD Without HDMI
If you don't have much need for a HDMI port—which is the case for people who aren't planning to use their monitor with a TV decoder or a console—there's also the E2472HDD, which is identical to this model but without the HDMI port.

Removing one input also brings the cost down, and you can expect to save around £15 or so.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Above average contrast
  • Low input lag


  • TN panel, so poor vertical viewing angles
  • Reverse ghosting is visible when using overdrive
  • Colours aren't accurate and can't be improved without calibrating


Iiyama's latest offering is a huge disappointment and is full of problems. We can't think of any circumstances where we'd want recommend it ...
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