Published on October 31, 2011 7:19 AM

Monitor Review: AOC e2795Vh with 2 ms TN Panel

Rather unusually, we're reviewing the same monitor for the second time today, looking at the AOC e2795Vh for what we hope will be the last time.  In actual fact, there are two separate monitors with the same name and model number but very different specs, which is at least one too many!

Just so you're up to speed, the first version of the AOC e2795Vh monitor came with a panel that used MVA technology.  It sailed through our demanding tests with flying colours and came out with our top score of five stars.  But since then, AOC has had problems finding enough MVA displays.  The firm decided to replace them with more readily-available TN panels, but without changing the model number—or telling anybody.

One of our readers pointed out that his e2795Vh had a TN panel, so we contacted AOC France, who quickly acknowledged the problem and told us that deliveries of MVA-based monitors has been cancelled until further notice.  That means that once the current stock of MVA displays is sold out, only TN-based monitors will be on sale.  It seems that AOC's European office found out about the switch, which was decided by the company's head office in Asia, at the same time we did.  To prove that they had nothing to hide, they promised we could test the new version with a TN display.  That way, anybody who still wants to buy the 'new' e2795Vh, will know what they're getting for their money.

So much for the introduction: let's get on with the test.  The AOC e2795Vh's basic specs are as follows: it's a 27'', 1920 x 1080 pixel monitor with a TN display which has a 2 ms response time.

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