Published on April 30, 2012 2:09 PM

18" to 27" LCD Monitors: Prices And Specs In Detail

The monitor market is in decline. The more the popularity of notebooks and tablets grows, the less people need peripheral computer screens. Brands have been inching away from the sector as prices steadily shrink.

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Unless there are sales going on, you won't be able to find 23" and 24" screens for £100 anymore. Now they start at around £120. What's even more remarkable is that 24" monitors are now cheaper than 23" monitors. Same thing for 22" and 20" screens.

Here's a detailed, commented list of the lowest prices on the market today, by screen size:

18" and 19" displays have 1366 x 768 resolution, and 20" displays are at 1600 x 900. Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) starts at 22 inches. With a few exceptions, there are practically no 22" screens below Full HD resolution.

If you're hesitating between the three sizes, don't choose one based on how much space it'll take up on your desk. In this respect, 18 inches and 22 inches are basically the same thing—the difference is only from 45 to 52 cm in width and 35 to 38 cm in height. What changes is the price, resolution, technology and compatible interfaces. 18/19" and 20" monitors tend to have a VGA input only, whereas even relatively cheap 22" monitors generally have DVI or HDMI inputs.

Anyone looking for something other than a TN-style monitor (you can pick these out by the small viewing angles) will need to forget about anything 22 inches or lower. Check out our Monitor Reviews, you'll see some very good IPS monitors starting at approximately £120.


With only a few exceptions, all screens over 22" are 1920 x 1080. And while there's still around £40 in difference between 22" panels and the larger models, there's hardly any difference between 23" and 24".

As always, if it's a 27-inch you're looking for, be prepared to fork it up—they run for £260 and up. They're big (around 65 cm wide and over 40 cm high) and take up a good deal of space, but nearly all are 1920 x 1080. There are some rare exceptions, like the Dell U2711 with its 2560 x 1440 resolution, but the prices are in a whole different ballpark (over £500).
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