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Fabien Pionneau Published on April 23, 2010
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  • CPU Intel Atom N450 (1.66 GHz)
  • Graphics chipset Intel GMA 3150
  • RAM 1 GB
  • Screen 10.1 inches, 1024 x 600 pixels
  • Storage space 2.5E-7 GB
  • Optical drive No

The Samsung N220 is technically identical to the Samsung N210. Its look does however change slightly with a new hood. To check if the screen really is identical on the two models, we carried out our tests with the sensor once again on the N220's panel. The results were the same as on the N210.

Hardware, design and build: the most comfortable in the category

Processing power: mainly office docs

3D gaming: old undemanding titles only

Audio: not great, go for the headphones out

Mobility, battery life: number 2 on the podium for battery life!

The screen


  • Matte screen and plastics
  • Battery life: 7H06!
  • Very nice to use
  • Good finish
  • Quiet


  • Poor screen quality
  • Default colours not good
  • No HD video decoding
  • Limited performance


Identical to the N210, the Samsung N220 outdoes previous Samsung models. It is one of the best netbooks on the market thanks to its battery life and excellent ease-of-use. A sure bet but the screen and audio could be of better quality. The NC10 only outdoes it in terms of pricing, for the rest it's beaten.
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