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Florent Alzieu Published on February 4, 2009
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  • CPU Intel Atom 1.6 GHz
  • Graphics chipset Intel GMA 950
  • RAM 1 GB
  • Screen 10 inches, 1024 x 600 pixels
  • Storage space 6.0E-8 GB
  • Optical drive non
The elongated shape of HP's CompaQ mini 700 reminds us of Sony's Vaio P series; thankfully this one carries a seriously lighter price tag!

Handling and Design

No doubt here, HP definitely delivers a product with a good design and strong build.
This one feels trustworthy. The keyboard is large and typing is comfortable, unlike on the 7 and 9 inch models. There is a convenient button between the touchpad and keyboard that disables the pad. The mouse avoids going all over the place.The touchpad is elongated. The click buttons are on the sides in order to gain some depth . Unfortunately the matte surface of the touchpad makes it difficult for the finger to slide. The pad is 3,5 cm long, smaller than that of the 1002HA.

Be careful when charging the computer: the plug is on the loose side.

The noise bothered us a bit. When heavily used, the internal fan kicks in. Not horribly loud but enough to disturb.

Not a tight fit
Expansion port, mini-Jack
Touchpad with side buttons
Memory card slot and USB

The webcam is disappointing. Indoors, the picture is very dark and its hard to make out the person's features. In order to make it better all you can do is go brighter, but even then the result is not very satisfying. The CompaQ mini 700 has a microphone, but we never managed to make it work.....

On the sides of the PC, there are 2 USB ports(only),1 RJ45 ethernet connector, 2-in-1 card reader for SD/MMC support, 2 headphones-out + mic-in combo jack and expansion port.
HP is selling an adapter to hook the laptop up to an external monitor (VGA only) as an optional accessory. CrunchGear lists all that is available for the 1000, which shares the same port.

The speaker (a long metal bar) is beneath the keyboard. The sound is rather weak, good enough to watch a movie on your own, sitting in front of the screen. If you use a headset, you will be helping yourself greatly for better sounds.

The only element you can access, again beneath the keyboard, apart from the battery, is the 1 GB RAM (Ramaxel).

Processor Power

There are few components inside of a mini-PC. The most common equation for a 10 inch is an Intel Atom NV270 + Intel GMA 950 and a hard drive, and surprise surprise... such is the case here.

A netbook can stand apart only by its RAM and/or the hard drive The latter is not very satisfying here : only 60 GB (some netbooks go up to 160 GB). The hard drive manages read speeds of up 30 MB/s, (in comparison others can reach 70 MB/s) and boot time is 1 minute 5 seconds (whereas the some only need 30 seconds).

The processor can do everything a traditional laptop can do, it will just take two or three times longer than a mid/high-end range laptop to compress files for example or edit images.

With video, if you avoid heavy HD, you will be fine with anything else.


Games are not the selling point of mini-laptops. You can enjoy 2D or undemanding 3D games.

Battery Life & Portability

At only 1,02 Kg, the mini 700 is the lightest 10 inch PC we have tested. In terms of battery life, it does not do that well. It lasted just 2 hours and 13 minutes (video playback, screen at 100 cd/m, with headset on and wireless off), while the EeePC 901 can go on for 5 hours.

The display
The display of the mini 700 is a glossy. Most of the time mini laptops thankfully offer matte displays. This one offers the normal definition of 1024x600 pixels.

The other components are the same as on the other mini-PCs. The quality of the TN technology is decent, average for its category, at the lower end though when taking into account LCD displays at large.

Horizontal viewing angles are good, but you really have to be in front of the screen and even then sometimes image can be altered. The vertical viewing angles are poor.


  • Slim & light
  • large comfortable keyboard
  • stylish


  • video output optional
  • glossy screen
  • smallish touchpad
  • Webcam
  • battery life only 2h13


Elegant and stylish, the mini 700 gets its stars mainly for its design and good size keyboard. Sadly the glossy screen, the poor battery life (2 hours is really too short) and small hard drive capacity are disappointing.
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