Published on February 13, 2013 11:00 AM

Is Google Making A Chromebook With An Ultra-High Res Touchscreen?

The rumour snowballs

Rumours have been mounting over the past week about the potential launch of a Chromebook designed entirely by Google. It all started with this video (see below) that a French developer posted on Google+.

On his Google+ page, François Beaufort, a developer working on Chromium, posted a video that looks a lot like an official advertisement. The video shows a Chrome-branded laptop with a style similar to the MacBook Pro. The voice-over calls it the 'Chromebook Pixel' (although Beaufort also refers to the name 'Chromebook Link') and says the display has 4 million pixels. Other sources on the web mention 2560 x 1700 resolution, which is just about the same as the 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Here's the video that started the rumour:

And the plot thickens. As you can see, the ad looks quite professional. Now, Google has neither confirmed nor denied the rumour. However, Russian-born Victor Koch, CEO of, has issued apologies on Google+ in which he tagged Beaufort and Google co-founder Sergey Brin, stating that "Our all servers were attacked by hackers, and we apologize for the fact that many projects have been shown previously!"

The following day he made another post saying that after investigation, one of the alleged hackers turned out to be based in China.

True rumour or fake leak?

Last November we reported on a similar product from Google. This supposed new leak has given more impetus to talk about a laptop that Google may be making on its own, without the help of Acer and Samsung. Another possibility is that the video was created to generate interest in one of Google's partners' Chromebooks, such as the Acer C710.

It's like the months leading up to a new Apple release: you even start to wonder whether the brand carefully orchestrated the leaks to build buzz. After all, Google I/O is coming up this spring. Given the timing, the rumour looks ripe to develop into talk of an official announcement this coming 15-17 May.

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