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Alexandre Botella
Pierre Anzil
Published on September 30, 2011
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  • CPU Intel Core i5-2410M (2.3 GHz)
  • Graphics chipset Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • RAM 4 GB
  • Screen 13.3 inches, 1366 x 768 pixels
  • Storage space 5.0E-7 GB
  • Optical drive NULL
Instead of getting discouraged by the poor reception for the Vostro V130, Dell has launched the revised and corrected Vostro 131. This new 13.3-inch, with Sandy Bridge processor, should both be more powerful and have a longer battery life, one of the major weaknesses of its predecessor.

Hardware, design & build

The Vostro V131 has the same aluminium casing as the V130: solid, well-finished and with no glossy plastic.


The keyboard has undergone a small transformation. Backlit chiclet keys are used here but otherwise nothing else has changed. The keying is still supple and pleasant and the keys are all in their usual places.
The multitouch touchpad is the same as that on the V130: precise and with a nice fluid glide.

Compaq Mini 311cThe V131's webcam gives a decent image. The black isn't blocked, the white not burnt and movement fluidly represented. The only fault is that the image has a slight tendency to flicker.

While the connectivity on the V130 was concentrated at the back, on the V131 it's on the sides. On the right, there's an RJ45 port (Ethernet), a VGA out, two USB 3.0 ports and a headphones socket. On the left, there's an HDMI out, a USB 2.0 port and an SD card reader. At the back, there's a power socket.

Relatively quiet on start-up, this laptop makes itself heard when installing software or when you push the components hard. Unless there's any background noise, you will hear it. The way hot air is expelled from the casing could have been better conceived. As it comes out the side and underneath, it quickly becomes disagreeable to have it on your knees. Sending the air out through the gap between the chassis and the screen would, for example, have made things more comfortable.
The V131's temperature readings when you push the components hard
Readings taken using a Fluke Ti25 (Distrame) camera

FX700 Hood

  HDMI out, USB 2.0 port and SD card reader
Headphones/mic combo, USB 3.0 port (X 2), VGA and RJ45

Processor power: good performance

While the V130 only had a low-consumption processor, a Core i5-2410M has been chosen here this gives the V131 a lot more power. This processor has been widely used in 2011 notebooks and allows you to do a bit of everything. Office document processing and Internet browsing are a walk in the park as far as it's concerned and it's also efficient with more demanding applications (video encoding, 3D modelling, decompression), displaying perfectly reasonable processing times.

You can also play HD 1080p (Blu-Ray equivalent) without any issues on this machine. We advise you to use the video playback capacities of the integrated graphics solution (Intel HD 3000) as this hardware acceleration allows you to decode Full HD 1080p videos without occupying the processor, which is then freed up for other tasks.

Windows 7 Family Pro 64-bit takes 43 seconds to boot. You then have to wait another 10 to 20 seconds for the various pieces of software and connection to a wi-fi network to launch. It turns off in under 10 seconds.

Gaming: decent capacity

The V131 doesn't have a discrete graphics card and is therefore very much on a par with the V130 when it comes to gaming. It doesn't handle 3D very well but does allow you to play recent titles such as Starcraft 2 or Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 with graphics options at a minimum; nothing that'll set an avid gamer's pulse racing but okay for retro gaming.

Audio: stereo at last

The previous generation had mono only whereas the V131 has two speakers and can give stereo sound: it's clean but nothing out of the ordinary. Don't bother with the various sound processing options however.

There's only the one combo socket for heaphones/mic. Strangely, while the headphones signal is powerful and clean, of excellent quality, the mic in isn't as good. The maximum level is too low and having to use software amplification makes for a deterioration in the sound.

Battery life has progressed

With its 6-cell battery, the V131 gives 4h35 battery life (video playback, headphones plugged in, screen at 100 cd/m², wi-fi and Bluetooth deactivated). This is 2 hours better than the V130, which is nevertheless not as powerful. In terms of weight, at 1.8 Kg on the scales, it won't be too heavy to carry around with you in a rucksack. The Asus U36SD is however lighter (1.66 Kg) and has a longer battery life (5h15).
The screen
The V131 has a matte panel and is therefore much less sensitive to reflections than models with a glossy. Unfortunately its limited brightness means it isn't easy to use outside or in well lit surroundings.

We've still got the usual TN type screen, with a response time equivalent to a 5 ms model. Viewing angles from above and below are therefore narrow, alongside responsiveness that's sufficient for working on office documents and viewing films.

Default colours are totally false, with a Delta E of 12.9 and a very marked colorimetric shift towards blues. The contrast is simply catastrophic. We're used to panels with reduced contrast on laptops, but here it scores a truly horrid 206:1 (black level of 0.80 cd/m², for a white level of 164 cd/m²). On this, the V131 is no improvement on the V130.

To correct the colours you can download a calibration profile from our profiles page, though we can't help you with the contrast.


  • Good CPU performance
  • Matte panel
  • Nice finish and design


  • Panel with very low contrast (168:1) and inaccurate colours
  • Low gaming capacity


The Vostro V131 holds to its promise. It's more powerful, better equipped and with a better battery life than its processor the V130. Nevertheless, you can find models that are just as powerful and well-equipped but with longer battery life and at a lower price, such as the Asus U36SD.
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