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Alexandre Botella
Pierre Anzil
Published on January 6, 2012
Translated by Catherine Barraclough
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  • CPU Intel Core i5-2430M
  • Graphics chipset Intel HD 3000
  • RAM 4 GB
  • Screen 14 inches, 1366 x 768 pixels
  • Storage space 5.0E-7 GB
  • Optical drive DVD rewriter
The Dell Inspiron 14z is a 14-inch laptop that's designed as a compact, well-finished and affordable notebook, powerful enough to breeze though day-to-day computing. Can Dell really deliver all that without breaking the bank? Time to take a closer look.

Hardware: day-to-day tasks

Dell has done a pretty good job building the Inspiron 14z, which is housed in a plastic and aluminium casing (the hood and keyboard surround are finished in aluminium). All the various parts of the product sit together well and the only real flaw is that the keyboard bends down a bit when you push the keys.  

Dell Inspiron 14z Review

The keyboard is pleasant to type with and the keys are a nice size. Typing feels instinctive, although the keys are a little noisier than average.
The touchpad has multitouch technology allowing basic smartphone-style controls such as two-finger scrolling and pinch-to-zoom. Although we prefer the larger touchpad in the XPS 14z, this one is still accurate and doesn't stick to your finger or inhibit glide.

Dell Inspiron 14z Review - webcamThe webcam is decent enough. While the image does speckle with digital noise, it's still reasonably detailed—black parts of the image aren't flooded and movement is reproduced well. It's perfectly fine for face-to-face chat and video-conferencing, so you won't need to buy a separate webcam. 

Connections cover all the bases for day-to-day computing, with three USB ports (2 x 3.0 and 1 x 2.0), an Ethernet port (hidden behind a cover around the back of the notebook), a DVD rewriter drive, HDMI and mini-DisplayPort video outputs, a headphones socket and a memory card reader.   

Although it doesn't get too hot (after all, there's no graphics card to keep cool), the Inspiron 14z does get a little bit noisy when you work its components hard. It'll be noticeable in a very quiet place (like a library), but in a room with even low levels of background noise it won't be a problem.

Dell Inspiron 14z Review - heatTemperature readings for the Dell Inspiron 14z with the components working hard.
Readings taken with a Fluke Ti25 camera
Dell Inspiron 14z Review - connections
Ethernet and power ports
Dell Inspiron 14z Review - hood Hood

Dell Inspiron 14z Review - connections
  Mini-DisplayPort, HDMI, USB 2.0, SD card reader
Dell Inspiron 14z Review - optical drive
  DVD drive, headphones, USB 3.0 (X 2)

Processing Power: good performances

The Inspiron 14z we tested had an Intel Core i5-2430M processor. Note that Dell also sells a cheaper version of this laptop with a i3-2330M CPU. Performances in the entry-level laptop therefore won't be quite as good as in the model we tested, but they'll still be perfectly adequate for the same kind activities. The slower CPU means that processing times will be longer, but in turn means that battery life is likely to be a bit better than in this more powerful model.

The Inspiron 14z has a Core i5-2430M CPU—a new Intel Core i5 processor that seems to be popular at the moment, and which we first saw in the Samsung NP3009E7A. Our tests have shown this CPU to be a great all-rounder. Office computing and web browsing are a walk in the park for this processor, and it's still reasonably fast with more power-hungry programs like video editing, encoding and 3D modelling software.

The Inspiron 14z launches Windows 7 in 44 seconds. It then takes between 5 and 10 seconds to start up various the programs and connect to a Wi-Fi network. Switching the laptop off fully takes 15 seconds.

Gaming: soon out of its depth

With no separate graphics card, this laptop has to make do with the video capabilities of its integrated chipset. While this is great for playing HD video (720p or 1080p), it's soon out of its depth in more recent games. You're limited to older, less powerful games like Left for Dead, otherwise you'll have to turn the graphics detail and resolution down a fair bit.

Audio: decent enough

Although this laptop doesn't deliver amazing audio, it does a decent enough job. The speakers and audio processing system give a clear, clean output even if it lacks power. That's already more than can be said for many laptop speakers!

The audio connection is a bit more disappointing—first of all it's only a headphones out socket, and it doesn't double up as a microphone entry. The connection is clean and clear, but you'll have to buy a USB headset if you want to use a microphone.

Battery Life: 5 hrs 30 mins video playback

With the Inspiron 14z, we measured a battery life of 5 hrs 30 mins (for video playback, with the screen at 100 cd/m², headphones plugged in, Wi-Fi and keyboard backlighting switched off). That's better than the Dell XPS 14z and makes this model a great choice for anyone who's likely to take their computer out and about a lot. Plus, since the Inspiron 14z weighs nearly 2 kg (1.98 kg on our scales), you may be pleased to hear you can leave the charger at home!
The Screen
The Dell Inspiron 14z has a glossy 14-inch TN screen with a fairly standard resolution of 1366 x 768 dots. Characters are clear and easy to read onscreen.

Colour fidelity is pretty poor on this screen (deltaE = 11) and there's a strong blue overtone. You'll need to download and install a calibration profile to sort that out. We measured a maximum contrast of 230:1 but, unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about that!


  • Processing power
  • Good value for money
  • Battery life: 5 hrs 30 mins
  • Good build and finish


  • Low-grade glossy TN screen
  • Poor performance in games


If you're not interested in games, the Dell Inspiron 14z is powerful enough for all your daily computing needs—even with power-hungry programs like video encoding and 3D modelling. It's a well-finished laptop with an excellent battery life and three USB ports—that's one more than Dell XPS 14z, we'll have you know!
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