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BUYER'S GUIDE / The Best Laptops

Pick of the best notebook computers

The 4 best laptops of the moment: the best all-rounder, the best-value laptop, the best budget option, the best choice if money is no object.

Editor's Choice : Acer Aspire V Nitro 15

The Acer Aspire V Nitro 15 Black Edition is one of the best deals on the market right now. It's decent in all respects (picture quality, processing, games, manufacturing...) and doesn't really have any major shortcomings, just some bits that are less optimised than others. Overall, this is a good all-rounder of a laptop.

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Store Available Price £
Very 599.00 See offer  
Laptops Direct 719.97 See offer  
BHS Direct 725.00 See offer  
BT Shop 768.66 See offer  
Dabs.com 768.66 See offer  
John Lewis 839.90 See offer  

Best for Games : Asus ROG G751

The Asus ROG G751 is a first-rate gaming laptop. It has tons of connections and superb in-game performance, all with low fan noise and heat. Our only complaints are with this model's lack of an SSD and that the speakers could have been better.

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Store Available Price £
Very 1399.00 See offer  
BHS Direct 1405.00 See offer  

Budget Option : Lenovo Flex 2 (15")

With the 15" Flex 2, Lenovo has made a slightly better machine than the original Flex. The display is a tad better and has higher resolution, but still has a way to go. It's also nice to have a DVD drive this time around. On the whole, the Flex 2 is a decent, enjoyable laptop for productivity and lightweight multimedia usage, aided in part by its handy "stand" mode.

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Store Available Price £
PC World 449.99 See offer  
Currys 449.99 See offer  
John Lewis 499.95 See offer  

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