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Vincent Alzieu Published on July 8, 2011
Updated on January 17, 2014
Translated by Catherine Barraclough
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  • Number of keys 128
  • Mouse? No
  • Wireless keyboard/mouse? Yes / No
With its simple, fuss-free, modern design, compact dimensions and low-cost price tag, the Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard 3000 is a budget keyboard with plenty of attractive features. Compared with the great value Microsoft Comfort Curve Keybord 2000, this model's keys are arranged in straight rows rather than in a curve. It also has a wider choice of multimedia hot keys and shortcuts. In fact, there's a whole row of shortcut buttons for things like cancelling your last action, reactivating it, checking your e-mails, running a spell-check, printing etc. All of the icons are clear and easy to understand so you won't have to dig around in the manual to find out what they all are.

King of Shortcuts!

The edges of the keys are marked with shortcuts too. For example, you'll see '*Save' printed on the edge of the 'S' key. This serves as a handy reminder of the standard keyboard shortcuts, as '*' = CRTL (as shown on the CTRL key, in fact). So CRTL + S = Save. A total of 18 shortcuts are handily printed on the edges of the relevant keys, and that's on top of the 37 other shortcuts that are pre-programmed or programmable via the driver! The aim of all this is to minimise your mouse use, which is great for users who find mice make their hands ache after long periods of use. To the right of the Space bar, there's even a direct-access Aero button (for the 3D application switching function in Vista). Plus, next to that, there's a mouse right click button, which can be useful for bringing up the properties of an icon/file or for easy access to the options in various applications.

Soft, Supple Typing

This keyboard offers typical Microsoft typing. In other words, keystrokes feel softer and less harsh than in many competitors' keyboards (although typing is little firmer in the brand's more expensive models). There's also the typically noisy Space bar. This seems to be mounted on some kind of spring as it bounces back noisily each time you press it. Otherwise, typing actually feels very similar to with the Curve 2000.

The Keys Up Close


  • Quiet typing, except for the Space bar
  • Loads of shortcuts / Clear labels and icons
  • Wired = no need to worry about batteries
  • Slim, flat and compact
  • Price


  • Noisy Space bar
  • The large number of shortcut buttons and hot keys makes the keyboard look very 'busy'
  • No USB hub


This inexpensive, practical keyboard is a must-have for anyone who's addicted to shortcuts. If you're just looking for a cheap, quiet keyboard though, the Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 is even better value for money.
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