Review: Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710

Our score: 4/5
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April 8, 2010 2:11 PM
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Published: April 6, 2010 11:00 PM
By Vincent Alzieu
The Logitech MK710 keyboard and mouse pack puts user comfort first. The keyboard is pleasant to use thanks to its slightly convex keys and spongy padded wrist rest. Plus, both devices offer all the convenience of wireless operation, and have enormous battery lives that Logitech claims to be 3 years each. As well as this, the MK710 features 'longer key travel' for deeper typing and a discreet black and white LCD showing battery life, Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock statuses. Sounds pretty much perfect doesn't it?

Back to basics

Typing is actually quite a surprising experience with the MK710. Longer key travel makes typing feel 'deeper' when you hit the keys, and the Space bar is certainly noisier than on other keyboards as it bounces back up with a sharp clunk. So if you don't like heavy, classic-style keys (think old-school IBM keyboards) or the lightweight keys typically found on laptops, then this keyboard could make an interesting happy medium. The MK710 is another addition to Logitech's range of 'large-key' keyboards, but the MK710 doesn't have the wave-shaped key frame that you either loved or hated in the Wave series. In fact, this keyboard goes very much back to basics with its keys arranged in straight lines and the longer key travel, although it does boast an improved keyboard finish and shortcut keys. Given that the MK710 is so different to the Wave, we would have preferred to see it available with the Wave mouse as an alternative for anyone who's not so keen on the whole 'wavy keys' thing. Unfortunately, the very good, if a little heavy, MX 1100 doesn't feature in this pack and you'll find the somewhat less impressive M705 instead (see right).

The thing is that we were actually already pretty satisfied with some of Logitech's existing products, and so it's difficult for the MK710 to outdo them. In particular, this new-feel keyboard simply can't beat the fantastic handling of the Illuminated, which is a top choice when it comes to comfort and quiet operation. Plus, as the name suggests, the Illuminated is backlit, which is unfortunately not the case for the MK710. And given the price, that really is a shame.

Good display & shortcuts

The LCD makes a welcome addition. You'll probably forget it's there most of the time, but all it takes is a quick glance now and again to check whether you've accidentally hit Caps Lock, for example, or to see how the battery's doing. Next to the screen you'll find a selection of multimedia shortcut buttons (track navigation to the left, volume to the right), and just below that, a set of pre-defined shortcut keys that can be reprogrammed using the driver.

4/5 Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710 DigitalVersus 2010-04-07 00:00:00


  • Good battery life: 3 years
  • M705 mouse better for small hands
  • Practical LCD screen
  • Plenty of shortcuts
  • A good option for anyone who's not keen on 'laptop' style keys


  • Longer key travel can take a bit of getting used to
  • M705 mouse better for small hands
  • No backlighting
  • For the same price, you could pick up the keyboard and mouse of your choice separately


Although the keyboard and mouse pack could make a practical choice, I have to say I wasn't entirely convinced. Why not just spend some time picking a mouse and keyboard separately and get just what you're looking for in each device? Our winning combination would have to be Logitech's Illuminated keyboard plus G500 mouse.