Published on March 4, 2013 3:00 PM

Sony's New Collection of Home Cinema Speakers for 2013

Wi-Fi, NFC, football mode, multi room audio...

Sony's home cinema strategy for 2013 is all about new features: speakers that light up, multi room audio, football mode, wireless functionality and more...

The entry-level models in Sony's new range are the BDV-E2100 (18 cm subwoofer + four satellite speakers), the E4100 (18 cm subwoofer + two columns + two satellites) and the E6100 (18 cm subwoofer + four satellites + one central speaker).

All three entry-level systems include a DVD/Blu-ray player, Wi-Fi/DLNA and Bluetooth/NFC, and feature web radio, football mode (to turn on/off the commentators' voices), Sony Entertainment Network and a web browser.

But Sony's flagship models are the BDV-N7100W, N8100W and N9100W. These have a more stylish look and stereo auto-calibration. The rear speakers are wireless. Like the entry-level E series, these consist of either a two- or four-column configuration and have all the same extra features.
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