Published on February 12, 2013 9:04 AM

Samsung AirTrack Sound Bars Presented

Tube-amplified sound bar system

Samsung has unveiled a set of three new audio systems using the firm's AirTrack wireless connectivity, similar to Bluetooth. 

These AirTrack speakers can be connected to a compatible TV and subwoofer with no cables required.

The high-end HW-F751 wireless sound bar and subwoofer seems like the most interesting option, with a tube-amplified system that promises a "warmer", "richer" audio output. We'll see about that when it lands in our test lab!

This 2.1 system has an integrated sensor that helps it adapt the audio output to the sound bar's position (standing on a surface / wall-mounted). The tech specs quote 310 watts of power and a full range of connections, including USB, HDMI in/out, optical and auxiliary sockets.  

Samsung HW-F751 wireless sound bar and subwoofer kit

A mid-range model, the HW-F550, has all the same basic features as the higher-end version but without the tube-based amplification system. 

Finally, the HW-F355 is a more basic AirTrack sound bar with a wired subwoofer and just optical and auxiliary connections. Power here is reduced to 120 watts. 

Samsung HW-F355.

These AirTrack sound bars should be in stores by April. The HW-F751 and HW-F550 will be available in black or silver, while the HW-F355 will only be coming in black. 
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