Published on February 12, 2013 11:11 AM

CES 2013: Focal Updates the Chorus 700 Series

Design by Pineau & Le Porcher no more

Focal, a French audio brand renowned for its hi-fi/home cinema systems and PC speakers (not to mention a pair of headphones), has dropped the V from its series name and presented the new Chorus 700 Series, with a radically new look.

For starters, the angular design by industrial design agency, Pineau & Le Porcher, has been ditched for a look that's just as modern, but hits a more sober note. There's no doubt what the strategy is: to out a product that can blend easily into any decor. Not much else has changed: other than slight variations in dimensions, the weight and acoustic properties are the same.

Leading the series is the generously proportioned Chorus 726, with its 3-way bass reflex system, four drivers including one inverted-dome aluminium/magnesium-alloy TNV tweeter, one mid-range driver and two woofers for about one metre in height and 23 kg.

Coming in behind the 726 are the (slightly) more modestly sized Chorus 716 and 714, each of which is based on a 2 ½-way design. The 716 has the same transducers as the 726 and just one woofer. The 714's drivers are 14 cm in diameter instead of 16.5 cm.

The Chorus 706 is a 2-way bookshelf loudspeaker with the same mid-bass driver as the 726 and 716, but with a much higher bass cut-off.

The smaller Chorus 705 is modelled after the 714. Once again, the bass cut-off is higher.

Both models can be used as traditional bookshelf speakers or as surround channels in a 5.1 set-up.

Now for the "special" models. The Chorus CC 700 is a centre loudspeaker (basically, a 706 with an added mid-bass driver). The Chorus SR 700 is a fairly classic surround speaker from an audio viewpoint (not bipolar, not dipolar), but with a better-suited form factor.

The prices haven't been announced, but given how few changes have been made since the Chorus 700 V, one could logically assume they will be similarly priced. The new series will roll out between now and April, depending on the country and model.

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