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Michael Jeulin-L Published on November 26, 2007
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  • Weight NC
Sennheiser’s PX-100 feature a headband with imitation leather foam pads that sits on the top of your head.  Their foldable design allows easy storage in a pocket and a weight of 60 grams is also a bonus as much for comfort as mobility.  The two Duofol type diaphragms are a technology particular to Sennheiser.  In terms of ergonomics, we found the overall aspect as well as finishing touches excellent.

It deserves its excellent reputation!

In terms of quality, we think the PX-100 open headphones are a must for your portable music player.  And for that matter, with other types of uses comfort is also well assured.  As for sound reproduction, it’s well balanced in all frequencies.  There is a good dynamic range with good quality sound on all levels.  Basses are particularly deep with many nuances and saturation is minimal. On the other hand, those who do not like big basses should set them lower because they can be rather predominant on these headphones.

The PX100 is in direct competition with Koss’ Porta Pro and between the two our heart is torn.  However, it should be easy to choose depending on your use and tastes.  If the rather mediocre design of Porta Pro turns you away, there is the PX100.  Also, the latter is more comfortable.  The Porta Pro compensates for this with more homogenous sound quality and high quality basses.
A really good idea
Compared to the PMX 200 whose joints are vulnerable to breakage, the PX 100 is entirely foldable and can be stored in a compact case. In front is the non-foldable PMX 200 and behind: the case with the PX 100 enclosed inside.

It’s very practical for easy listening in public transport.


  • Audio quality
  • Can be folded up
  • Comfort
  • Light weight
  • Solid carrying case


  • Basses naturally predominant
  • The joints are the most fragile part but these headphones are protected when put in their case.


In terms of open headphones, the PX-100 sets a standard with its good sound quality and finishing touches.
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