Published on January 11, 2013 2:28 PM

CES 2013: Sennheiser Gives The Momentum Headphones A Makeover

Catchier colours, leather, aluminium

The Momentum only just came out in September 2012, and already Sennheiser has given them a makeover in a bid to make inroads on the booming luxury headphone market.

Sennheiser Momentum
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Sennheiser is taking these headphones more luxury, so they gave them real leather and aluminium. It's a stylish design that should win over more than a few followers.

For those who found the original brown of the first version too retro, Sennheiser has replaced it with black and red lining that looks quite fetching in pictures.
MomentumR N

The Sennheiser Momentum is a direct competitor with the Philips Fidelio L1, and has the specs to back it up. We'll be getting the Momentum in our labs very soon, so keep an eye out for our review.

Headphone Type Closed
Speaker Dynamic
Cable Length 1.4 m
Weight 190 g

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